I slept over at my cousin’s house.
She’s wonderful.
She’s happy, athletic, sarcastic,
she sleeps like a mad man.
I learned at seven years old
to NOT sleep right by Ambryn,
or you will get kicked in the face.
Last night, she was on the floor,
and kept banging her feet
in sleep.
Ambryn, the mad man sleeper.

We went shopping today.
I felt bad for her,
because I am the most
picky shopper.
I bought perfume, and a dress.

We went on the trax.

I forgot how crazy it was.
I used to take the trax and
get on a bus every day to go home
from school.
Now I have moved,
and I’m one of those uptight freaks
who gets scared of hobos
that offer you milk.


  1. Haha! It’s okay to take milk from strangers…just don’t drink it. You never know where it’s been.

  2. Are u sure it was milk? ha ha jk!

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