I feel horrible.
Everything is so sore,
and I feel like
My wrists, my arms,
my legs, my knees,
my head.
But why should I even talk
about it?
You’re not here with me.
You can’t feel the pain,
or every emotion
I’ve ever had.
All you can do is say,
“I’m sorry”,
and what good does that do?

Ha, okay I’m being stubborn.

I actually feel pretty good.
I had a wonderful day.
A lot of my good friends
hung out with me around some stores.
We played a game at Target,
poured water on each other,
walked around
the neighborhood I love,
and watched clouds.

I don’t think anyone else who
I was with
would have said the
same thing.
No one else really seemed to
be having a good time.
Infact, they either complained
the whole time,
or just looked like they were

But I’m good.


  1. they didn’t have a good time because I didn’t go.. 🙂

  2. HEY HEY! I was having fun!!

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