The past weekend was good. Really really good.
Tasia and I went on the overnighter hike
and had so-o-o much fun.
Before we even started, I had to pee
and Tasia needed to go too.
So we went off and peed.
It was hilarious, because Tasia has never peed
out in nature before…
so before, I was showing her how to
hold on to this branch and bend her knees,
and stick out her bum
so she wouldn’t pee on herself.

It was quite an adventure.

When we were going up the hike,
everyone was dying and exhausted.
But for some reason, I was really energetic
and everytime we had to stop, I’d be singing
and jumping up and down.
Everyone thought I was crazy,
but I really wasn’t feeling anything in my thighs
yet, and I wasn’t really tired.

On the hike, there was a little waterfall and stream.
I took a picture of everyone with my camera,
but I wasn’t paying attention, and it turned out
really blurry.

I also had my grandparents video camera.
So that was really fun.
When we got up there,
Tadja, Miranda, Lauren, Tasia and I
set up the tent all by ourselves. Ha.
We sat in the tent, ate beef jerkey and cliff bars,
and talked about whatever we felt like.
I loved being with all those girls.
Everyone else’s tent had only two girls in it,
but we had a big group full of people we all loved
and it was so much fun!

We were the “trouble tent”, though.
Which was retarded cause we didn’t do anything wrong!
Lauren kept on telling me how happy she was to be there
over and over again.
I cried for her as I went to sleep.

Oh, I forgot something.
That night, everyone went around the fire and sang
their favorite hymn songs.
I was totally fine during the whole thing,
but then I started crying on just one part of a song.
“For the Beauty of the Earth: Third Verse, Second line down.”
Sob sob sob.

When we got up, the crew told everyone
to hurry up, cause we wanted to get down the mountain real fast.
Hm, I guess we were a little troublesome.
We sure weren’t the angels.
We just thought the leaders were a little dramatic.

There you go. I had an awesome time.



  1. HAHAHA! The overnighter seriously was a freakinf blast! I still loved our 3 in the morning pee run! That was hilarious!

    I can see what you are saying, but I don’t really think we were all that troublesom, we were just being more out there than the other girls, I thought anyway.

    But whatever, it was still a blat!

  2. wow sorry I was typing fast! Lots of spelling errors…

  3. Dang it! i wish i could’ve gone with u guys! that would’ve been fun, but if u were with u not only would there be trouble, but we might get kicked oout… like oakcrest! ha ha that was still so freakin awesome. i like telling my criminal adventures of almost getting kicked out of an LDS camp

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