I had the best dream last night.
It was full of images that I could take
pictures of.
I so badly want to be a photographer.
I hate it.
I want to go places,
have people be models…
I also want to learn more of
Graphic Design.
I like this kind of stuff.

My dream was so cool.

Yesterday was a great day!
I went over to Tasia’s early in the
We just sat there and did nothing,
but I liked being around her,
even when we’re lazy.
I borrowed one of Harrison’s shirts,
(Probably one of Alex’s)
didn’t put any make-up on,
and just had a happy day!
I felt so good about myself.

Later, I went to mutual.
We played volleyball,
and had a water balloon fight.
I saw people I haven’t seen
in forever!
It was nice to see friends
that I hung out with a long time
When everyone left,
Lauren and I talked to
Taylor for a while.
Then, Miranda came.
Then, Harrison and Gage.
Ugh, it was so fun!
We talked until 10:30.
I’ve missed those summer nights!

Well, I’m listening to “Geile Zeit”
on my playlist,
and I’m getting a little emotional.
It’s funny how songs do that to you.
If you haven’t noticed, it’s German
and it’s talking about
How “it was a cool time”
and now it’s over.
Sniff, sniff.

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  1. Good Morning sunshine! I’m glad you had a good Night last night.

    How’s Lauren?

    I had fun with you yesterday too! AND WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! it was amazing…

    Anyway, i’m just chillin at home so call me and we’ll maybe hang or do something, cause I need to calm down about tomorrow and sitting here like a lump on a log isn’t helping…

    LOVE YA!

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