I must write before I leave
for Youth Conference tomorrow.
I am beyond excited.
I absolutely love the youth
in my church.
We all get along so great.
I had a big struggle with them
last summer,
but I absolutely love them.
The girls are so loving,
and the boys are hilarious.
We all get along.

There will be
a swimming pool,
and a dance.
(At Youth Conference)
Heck yes!
I will be wearing my
new, dark green dress
with golden earrings.
Shoes are always
the toughee.
I am the pickiest
shoe person.

it is 11:50 and
I’m not even packed yet.
The windows are open
in the study,
so I can hear what Mom,
Dad, Grandma, Grandpa,
and Greg
are all talking about.
I won’t tell you what they’re

I have had a really great
Really, it has been wonderful.
Colby and Jaron stopped by
on their bikes yesterday evening.
I love those two.
Seeing their faces just makes my day.
They brought chocolate,
which is always a plus.
Every time Jaron
just pops in,
I am getting out
of the shower.
It has happened twice.

exhaustion is taking
over me,
and I still need to pack.
I absolutely hate packing,
so I better hurry.
I will have pictures
for Saturday’s post.



  1. Hi Anne! I got your blog address through your mom. Remember me? I love your blog.

  2. Anne, thank you for not repeating what we talked about on the porch. I can’t actually remember what we talked about, but I’m reasonably sure it wasn’t for public consumption.

  3. Anne.. u didn’t give u know who my address did u?

  4. Haha.

    Hello Lovey!

    I hope you have an awesome time at Youth Confrence! I’m sure you will.

    Miss you already!

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