I finished my
punishment journal.

Last summer,
I got in a butt load
of trouble
for doing something
real stupid.
I wrote something
out in the public…
My dad said
I had an acid tongue
and gave me a journal.
He told me
the journal is so
I can write
anything I want
out of my acid tongue
and no one will know.
Punishment journal.

I kind of miss it.

All it was
was a composition
Y’know, one of those
black and white ones.
But I decorated it.
Ha, funny.
I decorated it black
and white.
I absolutely loved it.
I put in pictures,
drew things,
wrote poems,
Ugh. I loved it.
I wrote in it all
the time.

So, I bought myself
another composition
I haven’t decorated it.
I don’t write that much in it.
I don’t really know where
it is right now.

It’s hard to have a blog
and a journal.
The thing is,
I pretty much say
most of what I’m
or how my day went
in my blog.
So I don’t want to
re-write the whole
freaking thing in
my journal
all over again!

But, there are always
those tiny secrets
about everyday that
none of you know
Everyone has those little
If someone says
something to you,
you react.
Emotionally or
you react.
For example:
If someone says
you think, “Oh, that’s
or, “Oh whatever! That is
a total exaggeration.”
or, “What a freaking liar.
This is the stupidest thing
I’ve ever heard.”
or maybe even, “Hmm,
she doesn’t know her
likes his brother’s
friend’s cousin’s
girlfriend named
Cindy Lupon.”
Psh, whatever!
You get what I’m talking about?

You can’t just write those out
in the public.

I have to write in a journal,
but it’s such a pain to
What do you do,

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  1. Blogging is a journal, really. It’s more public, but you’re definitely keeping a record of your life. I think you get points for that. If there’s someone handing outpoints.

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