Millions of things to talk about.
Getting up at 7:00 a.m. was
not the most fun thing
in the world.
“Garrett, smile!”
“Garrett, smile for the camera!”
“… I can’t smile”
I caught him at the end of “smile”.

Our first activity was weeding
a pumpkin patch.
Weeds, weeds, weeds,
For the first half,
I worked my butt off.
Bro. A yelled at everyone
and said that no one had
pulled as many weeds
as I did.
I felt pretty good, plus…
He owes me a shake.
The second half was crazy.
I was still working hard,
but decided to be super crazy.
I sang “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt,
“All the Small Things”,
and our wonderful
“Enchanted” songs.
I purposely became loud
and obnoxious
to see if I could piss anyone off.

Watergames were next.
All of the 11 wards that were
there for Youth Conference
rotated with groups to
the water activities.
There was one boy in our
group that all of the girls
just drooled over.
For one game,
I went and sat down
in the shade.
Sis. C was
hanging out with me
when Bro. A came over.
“Which one is your favorite?”
he said.
“Yeah, which is your favorite?”
I looked and said,
“Hmm, I think the guy in the
white shorts is my fav.”
He sat there for a sec,
then finally said,
“I was talking about the

Face flushes. Red cheeks.
He starts bursting out
I start laughing with total
Bro A grabs my hand and
starts dragging me to
White Shorts.
“No, no no no no.”
So, there’s me tugging at my
and I
own hand, while
Bro. A is dragging me
closer and closer…
to White Shorts.
He finally let me go,
and went to tell everyone
what I had just said.

After water games,
we all got ready for
dinner and the dance.
Since we had the 5th level
all to ourselves,
the girls were running
around yelling
if anyone had
red lipstick.
Well, at least I was.
When we were all ready,
we went down the elevator,
and our Young Men were
waiting there.
They escorted us to dinner
(which was kind of annoying
because the place we were
eating was like a mile,
and holding on to someone’s
sweaty arm isn’t pleasant)
and we had a great time.
The couples we had
at our table were
freaking hilarious.
Our stomachs all hurt at the end.
We had a great speaker
that told us to be stable with
our testimonies
and things like that.

Okay, the dance.
The dance was the
most fun thing on the planet!
It was outside in an
enclosed area
where trees surrounded
the dance cement floor.
I wish I brought my camera,
because it was just wonderful.
I went all out.
I danced with someone
for every slow song,
I swing danced with Bro. A
and everyone made a big
circle around us
(Cause apparently NO ONE
can swing dance).
I would say it was magical,
but “magical” is a pretty
cheesy word.
I did dance
with White Shorts.
Only because Sis. Can–
said she would harass him
to dance with me
if I didn’t ask him myself.
Ugh. So embarrassing.
This is why I keep things
to myself about boys.
It’s so much easier to control.
the whole thing was just great.


  1. You’re hilarious. I love the whole white shorts exchange with Bro. A. It’s so funny. Glad you had a great time.

  2. And to think you exchanged weeding a pumpkin patch to cleaning out our basement. So how was Mr. White Shorts? Huh? Studly? Dull? Embarrassing all over again?

  3. Well, White Shorts was a hunk for sure. My friend Brooklyn danced with him before, and she told me that he was a big football player.

    So while we were dancing, I said, “So you play football?” He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Yeah, but how did you know that?”
    Face flushes. Red cheeks all over again.
    “Oh… Well, you just look like the football… type.”
    He laughed and said,”Well okay!”
    So I laughed and was like, “Yeah, uhh that’s a good thing!”
    So we talked. He is definitely into sports, which I am not good with. So we danced and that was it.
    Good thing Sister Can– didn’t get ahold of him. Phew.

  4. Dude white shorts sounds like a sexy beast! LOL.. jk.. ur such an airhead when Bro A. asked u that question.. DORK! jk. haha. What does the A in Bro. A stand for?

  5. OH! You sound like you had so much fun! Good job on pulling the most weeds! You should have taken a picture of Mr. White Shorts. I am interested to see him.

    The dance sounded amazing. Did your knees ever give out on you from dancing so much?

  6. Haha, my knees only gave out once, but not at the dance. I was in the elevator, and right when it started to go up, BAM! I’m on the floor.
    So annoying.

  7. Here I am reading your blog on Monday morning when I should be painting Cassidy’s room. Reading your stories from youth conference is much more fun than painting. You are adorable!

  8. Hello Studley Annifred! 🙂 You commented on my family blog a lil’ while back…and now I have my own!! yay! ha. You don’t mind if I add you to my friends list thingy, eh? If so I will erase you!!! Haha. Let me know. 😀 Blog looks great. 😉

  9. Ha! Silly I understand. 🙂 I know I felt stalker-ish too while I was looking on everyone’s blogs to see if there were people I knew. Haha. I’m glad you found me. I was beginning to think only my family did this and I was gonna be a lone teen. Haha.

    You stoked for camp?! I think it’s going to be way fun! We will have to have an overnighter reunion and go ZeBrot hunting! Haha. Or however we spelled it. Make sure Tasia doesn’t forget her bear repellant!!! 😀 Love ya! Keep in touch.

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