So, this is where I have been for the past two days. Lying on the couch, singing Sesame Street, whining about my knees, picking my nose, whatever. This is where I’ve been.

While I’ve been sitting on the couch, I decided to yell at Mira to hold still, so I could draw her…
Then, I decided to yell at Harrison to hold still, so I could draw him! (Click on the photos to see better)

After that, everyone came over and we took pictures on photobooth!


See? My life is fabulous at the moment.
Hmm, what else? This morning, I woke up with a horrible bloody nose. I sat upstairs for 10 minutes with toilet paper shoved up my nostril. I had to go to work at nine, so I was already late.
When it finished, I went over the Kate’s house,
entertained her kids,
cleaned the downstairs,
vacuumed the whole house,
wiped the dust off all the base boards,
cleaned all the dirty bathrooms,
and made banana bread.
Proud of me?


  1. YUMMY!! That Banana bread was seriously amazing. I wonder if Wes thought so??

  2. I absolutely LOVE That picture of u on the couch! that is so awesome and it’s totally u.. by the wa next time i see u ill telll u about my dream.. with Graham…

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