The third nose bleed today.
I am sitting here with
toilet paper shoved up
my right nostril,
and the bleeding won’t stop.
I’m scared to go to bed.

The 24th was great.
I cannot remember one bit
of what I did before 6:00,
so don’t ask.
I went down the street to the
block party and met up with
Then, we dragged Zach out of
his house and watched
Evan Almighty
at Lauren’s house.

After, we ran over to Stefan
(yes, that is how you spell his name)
and Kalan’s house.
We got a bunch of fireworks,
met up with some other guys,
and headed to the park!

I love being outside in the summer
when it’s dark, and you feel the
nice, warm breeze.
I’ll stop before I get cheesy.

Last summer, I used to run at night.
My friend and I would run from one
house to the other’s.
Not using sidewalks,
but hopping over fences
through random backyards.
It was like the scene in Ferris Bueller’s
Day Off
, but in the night time.
Super cool. Try it some time!

When I got back from hanging outside,
I found Mom and Mira on the couch.
Mira was sobbing.
I asked Mom what happened.
” She is just so sad that E.T. had
to say goodbye to the boy.”
Mira started crying harder.

That was my yesterday.
Today Grandma called me, and asked me
to come clean.
After, Grandpa took me down with him
to this architect named Gerry.
He is willing to give us mulah
for every disc of photos we bring him.
Sweet, ay?

At 9:15, I was sat at the computer
and saw the sun setting.
I grabbed my camera and bolted out
the door, ran up the hill,
and took some pictures of the silhouettes
of trees and a building.
I ran back home when I found out
my nose was bleeding.

One more thing.
Here are some of my lovely cousins
that have come to visit
for a couple weeks.
I was so excited when they got here.
I love them all.
Seeing my Uncle Ed was also wonderful.
Infact, I sobbed when I hugged him.
(I wasn’t expecting that!)
He’s a big childhood memory of mine.

So, off I go.

I’ll be sleeping with a roll of toilet paper.
Pray that I won’t have blood all over me
when I wake up.


  1. Anne

    I didn’t tell you that my nosebleeds stopped unaccountably when my doctor said I would have to have my nose cauterized if they didn’t stop.

    When we lived in Provo, my nose started bleeding horrendously and I went to the hospital where they stuffed gauze up my nose with medication on it. The gauze was there for 24-hours.

    I haven’t had a nosebleed since.

  2. I have nose issues too, but mine is so bad, i cant have mine cauterized, so I use this stuff called Rhinocourt.. good stuff. 😉

  3. …I haven’t had a nose bleed in a year,knock on wood

  4. Hahaha, freakin nosebleeds?
    Hehe, ahhh, Anne.

    who’s the sexy Asian in your picture of cousins? ;D

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