“You’re a shit! You’re such a little shit!”
Grandma got a little freaked out
with me.
I’ll never make fun of her goggles

Yesterday was quite exciting.
The girls (Grandma, Mom, Dede,
Rian, Sammy, Mira) and I went
to Mamma Mia,
which was absolutely hilarious.
I love the movies where you just
want to hop up and dance.
Being in musicals is a passion
of mine,
and seeing Mammia Mia
brought back good

Later in the day,
Harrison, Rian, and I went
with our grandparents to
The Dark Night.
We decided to go through
the Wendy’s drive-thru
to get some food to eat

M=Man, Gpa, Gma, A=Anne,
R=Rian, H=Harrison

At the Menu Part:
M=Hi, can I take your order?
Gpa= Yeah, I’d like two burgers,
one with…(he turns to us) what was it?
A&R=one with cheese, and one without.
Gpa=(to the man…)One with cheese and
one without.
Gma=No, both with cheese!
Gpa=(to the man..)Actually, both with cheese.
A&R=No, grandma, one without cheese.
Gma=No, Tom, one without cheese!
(Gpa puts his head on the wheel and sits
Gpa=Okay one burger without cheese!
M=Okay, anything else?
Gpa=Yeah, I’d like the frosty thing.
M=Okay, there is a frosty, or a chocolate
Gpa= The Frosty Shake.
(H,A&R burst out laughing in the back seat.)

As we drive to the first window,
we’re all teasing Grandpa. His response to us
is,”What the hell do you want?
He says this right when he’s at the man
at the first window. Oops.
Grandpa says, “There’s about 50 pounds of
hormones in this car.”
We all burst out laughing, as the man looks
at the back seats.
“Ask him if he’s wearing white shorts!” Grandma says
(See last blog)
Grandpa turns to the Man.
“I was asked to see if you are wearing
white shorts.”
The man closes the window on him.

The back seats waved goodbye to the man in the window,
and that was that.

The Dark Night ended up being fantastic.
Rian was about crying through the movie saying
(quite loudy),
“I am very concerned about those children.”
“Shh, Rian.”
“NO ANNE! I am VERY concerned for their safety.”
“They can’t die, they just can’t die!”
She rocks back and forth in her chair.

Today was quite an adventure.
Both my grandparents swore at me today.
That’s never happened before.

It was a great day.


  1. I’m proud of you. Getting Gma and Gpa to swear at you is an accomplishment.

  2. You’re damn right it’s an accomplishment.

  3. I would never swear. Never.

  4. Ha ha thats awesome.. once I was at my grandparents house in Richfield, and I took my grandpa’s 4wheeler out for a ride. When I got back I went inside to see what my grandma was cooking, when all of a sudden my grandpa comes in and goes, “Who just took the 4wheeler out!?” My grandpa’s a little scary, especially cause he was a the first stages of alztimers (however the heck u spell that) So i’m like, “Umm.. I did.” and he looks at me really scarily “Come here Megan.” I’m thinkin *Oh crap, hopefully he didn’t wear a belt today* so i follow him and he starts chewin me out about how I didn’t wipe the mud flaps off before I came inside *since when was that a rule?* He goes, “My hell my flaps are dirty! Why the hell didn’t u wipe them off!!!” Then my grandma comes out and goes “Lagrande! Leave Megan the hell alone and stop bitchin about the damn 4wheeler!” haha I was so scared cause I was like 10. I had never heard my grandma swear, and even tho my grandpa had a really bad mouth, it was still super scary.. haha. You’re grandparents sound funny.

  5. Geez excuse my crappy english and grammar on that last post.. I really need to go back to school

  6. Haha!
    That’s so cute!
    I wish my grandma would swear at me, I’ve only gotten my grandpa to…

    Glad you had a wonderful day!

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