Camp was the most fun thing

in the world.

Besides trying to find my luggage

for an hour and a half the first day,

it was wonderful.

The first night,
Tadja came and slept

with our tent group.

Well, Tasia and I actually
kidnapped her. 

We had the most people
in our tent,

just like the overnighter.

That’s how I like it.

We had Megan, Tasia, Camille,
Tadja, Caitlyn (a new girl that we all love),

and Me. 7 Girls.

All of us were at the hip.

We went canoe racing,
and picked up a dead fish with an ore.

We swam in freezing water and
got stuck
in the goopy bottom.

We gathered girls’ underwear 

and hung it up at the pavilion.

We laughed so hard that our 
stomachs hurt.

We sang every Disney song we could

think of. 

We had our own testimony meeting,

after listening to a girl tell us that 

she talks to demons.

Named Nana and Sarah.

We, well they, even took turns taking me

to the bathroom.

At three in the morning.

We also learned a lot.

We had classes one of the days,

and learned to look at the positive things

about ourselves.

Instead of saying to myself that 
my hair
is uncontrollably poofy,

I can say that it is very thick,
and has pretty curls.

They made us look in a mirror and
to ourselves that we are
beautiful. It was a good class.

We also had one about choosing
right guy.

Since the Camp Theme was
“The Royal Academy”
 the class was called,
“The Difference Between

a Prince and a Frog”.

We got to write a list of things we wanted

in our perfect man.

Megan’s list had every good adjective

you can think of.
“Sexy. Sweet. Tall. Dark. Handsome”
and so forth.
We had a ropes course at camp.
Tadja, Caitlyn, and I went on the
rope bridge over water,
while the other girls went to another activity.
After I had gone, the leaders said that I was the
closest of falling into the water.
We had a lesson after saying that we need
to hold on to our testimonies
and not give in to the temptations.
They used me as the “bad” example.
I let go of the rope. Poop.

So there you go!
Oh, one more thing.
I did get a
nose bleed.
And the girls dared me to do something…



  1. The nose bleed picture is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I’m proud to be related to you Anne! Thanks for the laugh and great job in accepting the dare, I’m sure your father is proud.

  2. Girl’s camp was seriously THE best thing I have done this summer! I loved seeing you all, and we had so much fun!!

    I wish I could do it all over again.

  3. I’m so proud of you, Anne! I couldn’t have a better daughter. Kisses. Smooch. Smooch

  4. Okay, a tampon coming out of your nose is seriously funny. You make fifteen sound like a ball.

  5. I’m trying to think what a guy would use for a nosebleed. There’s something unseemly about a guy using a Tampon. Great blog, dear Anne.

  6. Nice.. those are some very good pictures. haha.. dang we should’ve gotten a picture of the underwear! WAIT I DID! As soon as I get them developed I’ll post them and u can copy them.. great post. LOVE YA!

  7. Nice one Anne. I love the nose bleed picture! I hope you had lots of fun being the ‘bad example!’

    Always Smile!!

  8. Oh man. Memories…:) I loved it so much! We’re gonna have to have reunions often so we can keep our memories fresh on all the random moments. Cute pictures. Awesome writing. Uncontrollably poofy hair?! Silly…remember my scary hair in 8th grade. I hope not!! Haha. I’ve always looked at your hair and thought it was so pretty. AND LONG!! Haha. Love it.

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