I feel sleepy.
It has been a long,
fabulous day,
and I am ready to

Tasia and I woke up
nice and early to
pick out eyeshadow colors,
try on clothes,
do our hair,
and so on.
Well, Tasia did something
with her hair.
I left my massive, thick
locks alone,
for fear they might come alive
and strangle me.
Sometimes I do wish that
my hair was soft and silky,
like everyone else’s hair.
But spending thirty minutes
holding a straightener
is not pleasant.
Have I already told you that?

Back to the day.
At nine o’clock,
I looked at the time.
I realized that today was Wednesday,
and I needed to go to
Kate’s to houseclean.
I felt sick sick sick to my stomach.
I had thought it was Tuesday.
It was set in my mind
that I didn’t need to work today.
I had school pictures that morning,
and a dermatology appointment,
right after.
I absolutely hate cancelling things,
especially last minute.
I start breathing hard, I get paranoid,
and soon the anxiety monster
(that runs in my family)
rushes through,
and I become idiotic.
I called Kate and told her
I couldn’t come.
Her son was crying in the background,
and I felt nauseated.
I could hear myself speaking.
I even sounded idiotic.
I sat there on my bed for a moment,
until my stomach ache went
Finally it settled,
and we drove to the school.

After figuring out the cost
for the pictures,
Dad left and Tasia and I
stood in line.
I complained about
the starting of school.
The first week, teachers
do the attendance. When
they say my name aloud,
the class snickers.
Then a big smart-aleck
says some joke about me
and the snickering
goes around again.

When I was a kid,
little Buehner
would say a joke about
my name,
and I’d say,
“At least I’m not a
buehner wiener!”
In Middle School,
I’d say, “Wow, stupid!
I’ve never heard that one
I suppose this year,
I’ll just smile politely
and go on with my business.
Maybe I’ll be stupid and say,
“You’re just jealous.”
Maybe I will punch him.
Or moon him.

The day went on.
We took the pictures,
and found our classes.
I went to the dermatologist,
and told the nurse who I was.
“Oh, she’s here for a pregnancy test”,
a nurse said, rather loudly.
I went into the back room with a
different nurse,
who was blonde and skinny.
A nurse I hadn’t seen before.
She kept looking me up and down.
She said odd things to me,
which made it obvious
that she really did think
I needed the pregnancy test.
I felt awkward.
When I came out,
Tasia and my mom were on
the green, leather couches.
The blonde nurse said,
“Wait here, until we find out if
you are…” the rest of her sentence
Doesn’t she know that you have to
take the test,
in order to take the pills I use?
Finally, the other nurse,
the loud one, came.
“It was negative”. Again. Being loud.
I glanced at the boy my age,
reading a magazine.
He had looked up.
I glanced at the two girls in chairs.
They had looked up.
We smiled at the nurse,
and went to the door.
I nearly ran to the elevator.

It’s late.
I am done writing.
I will dream about highschool,
and speaking German with Nicki,
and dancing at Stomps,
and eating school lunch.


  1. Anne you make me laugh. 🙂 Once again, I love your hair. Don’t do the whole straightening thing and stuff like that. FRIES YOUR HAIR and makes you have to cut it short like mine. 🙁 I would have hair down to my butt if I hadn’t done it. So. Yeah. haha. Too bad we don’t have any classes. Hopefully I’ll run into you somewhere (probably literally cause I’m so clumsy;) and you’ll say somethin’ random and happy that will just make my day, as usual. Haha.

  2. Sad Anne. Did you get a good picture??

  3. Hallooo! Yeah I already heard this story last night. I will moon that one kid with you. haha.

    I keep having dreams about high school. Do you?

  4. I think this pregnancy test business is a little over the top. Could they be anymore annoying about it?

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