“You know you’re
the only person
I’d want to go to a dance
I laughed when I heard this.
Something I do when I don’t
know what to say,
or when I might be getting
myself into sticky business.
In this case,
I wasn’t sure what to say.
It wasn’t awkward at all.
But surprising!
“I think you’re pretty chill,
so, will you go to
homecoming with me?”
Pretty chill.
“Pretty chill” was what
Ky used when I
asked him why he
liked being my friend,
if all he did was
get mad at me.
“Pretty chill” was the phrase
Landon used during lunch,
when I listened to him
and his friends
talk about snowboarding.
Pretty chill is good.

It was dark outside.
We were walking down
the hill,
after dropping Tasia off.
Everything smelled wet
from the rain pour that
lasted five minutes.
I was really confused.
The conversation started with
friends in general,
then specifically me.

“That would be awesome,
but I don’t know if I can
even go. Maybe with a
“Yeah, that’s what I meant!
We could go as a group.”
“Cool. Well, I’ll have to check
with my parents.”
“I know I’m supposed to do
something crazy to ask you
to the dance,
and I still will.
You don’t have to answer now,
but will you have your answer
after I do something?”
I laughed and said yes.
We kept talking until I was
in front of my house.
My mom and dad were sitting
on the front porch.
“Bye, friend.”
“Cya tomorrow!”
After he was out of view,
I turned to my parents and
burst out laughing.
First time being asked
to a dance.
I told them the story,
and I knew my parents weren’t
going to let me go.
I didn’t care,
but it would have been
fun to go.
He’s just a friend,
that’s all.

I called him today and told
him my parents wouldn’t
let me go.
He laughed at me
and said it was no problem.

I went to church today.
I was looking down
at my scriptures
at D&C 88.
All the sudden,
big drops of red
splotted onto the
I looked at my dad
and did the classic
“bloody nose freak out”
and ran to the bathroom.
The scriptures were
actually the library’s.
So, one of these Sunday’s,
someone is going to turn
to D&C 88,
and find that the pages
are stuck together.
Shh, it wasn’t me!

Being asked out for a dance

makes me feel…
My first week of school,
and a senior has asked me out.
Sixteen is coming up
too fast.
Then my senior year…
Then college…


  1. You are such a great writer, Annie. I love to read the details that you work in–coming down the hill after a five-minute rain, your surprise, laughing, because you don’t know what else to do. You’ve got a novel emerging in your head, you know. I’m sorry about the dance. I could see in your face last night that you were sad about it too. All that will change shortly.

  2. Yes, sixteen is just around the corner and I have to admit–though begrudgingly–that it’s probably a good rule.

  3. hahahahaha oh my goodness well ansie is just the most popular person around!!

  4. Funny funny Wes.
    I love that kid

  5. Haha, You’re lucky anne. I wasn;t even asked to homecoming. twice. It’s all good. It just goes to show you that you’re a beautiful person and everyone loves you and thinks you’re funny!

  6. Thanks, Camille. You are beautiful and funny too!

  7. I love reading about you. You are adorable.

    PS Can I have your hair?

  8. Hehe. What to do next?? Anne you are so cute!!!

  9. Hahaha.
    you lucky chick.

    D’you have any idea how I –and so many other people– envy you?
    I guess not.

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