I love it.
I love it, I love it,
I love it.

On August 25th, 2008,
I woke up from the couch
There was no wind blowing
from the windows,
so I decided to sleep downstairs
where I could turn the fan on.
It still didn’t help the fact
that my stomach hurt from
I went upstairs and put on
an orange shirt with a
butterfly scarf wrapped
around my neck.
my bangs hung down
while the rest was set back
in a pony tail.

I went to all eight
of my classes,
each thirty minutes long
with ten minutes in between.
The school had all eight periods
for the first two days,
instead of A-B days.

My first period was PE.
PE at the beginning of school,
so I could look sweaty and
all day long
I looked around the class.
No one I knew, really.
But really, I was in such
a good mood.
I was perky.
I smiled at everyone
and hoped someone
would smile back.
Then, I looked
and saw a tall,
black girl.
She was a little chubby,
had her hair tied in a
cute bun,
and wore red high heels.
She seemed very cute.
She caught my eyes
and smiled back.

After class,
the girl came to me
and said, “Hi.”
“Hello, hello!” I said back.
“I really like your scarf!”
I smile.
“Thanks! What’s your name?”
“Well nice to meet you,
Samantha. I’m Anne.”
End of conversation.

The rest of the day went on.
I was perky, and people smiled.
I met people.
I squealed when I saw my friends.
When I was walking
towards the door of my
fifth period class,
I saw Zach in one of the chairs.
He saw me, sighed,
and turned the other way.
He, apparently, did not want
to be seen with me.
I can understand this.
I can see how someone who
came from a school that was not
from the main middle schools
could want to make a good impression
by not hanging out with weirdos…
like me.
I pretended to not hear
his sigh,
and walked all the way into class.
As I turned,
I heard a ton of kids yell,
“Anne! You’re in our class! Woo!”
I looked over. All of my guy friends
from middle school.
I squealed. “Eek! Yay! You guys are in
my class!”
They high fived me,
and I sat down.
Then I heard Zach’s voice.
“Hi Anne!”
Smirk. “Hi Zach.”
Awesome. Right when I needed them.

I loved every bit of my first day.
I saw my good friend, Brent,
and gave him a big hug.
I saw my favorite girls from
the musical,
whom I hadn’t seen in a year.
I automatically made friends.

The next day…
It was my PE again.
I went and sat down.
Samantha came up to me.
“Hey! You’re… Samantha,
“Yeah. Hey Anne.”
We sat there.
“Oh, I have a note for you.”
She handed me a rectangular-
shaped note.
You know when you get those…
let’s call them…
flashes of oddities through
your head?
When, someone does something,
and for a split second in your mind,
you think the action
that just happened
was odd?
But you don’t really think about it…
it just happens.
Well, I got a flash of oddity right
when she handed me that note.
We just met the day before,
talked for two seconds,
and she’s giving me a note?
“Anne Wood” it said in pencil
with frilly handwriting.
Anne Wood?
I opened it right there.
-“Hi Anne!
How are you? Hehe, I love
dancing! Haha, I am so random!
Hehe. So I have something
important to ask you…
Will you be my best friend forever?
Oh no.
What have I done?
I looked up at her and smiled.
“Thanks for the note,

I told my friend Nicki.
“Oh.. Is this Samantha?”
She said.
“Yeah, why?”
“Two of my other friends
have gotten the same notes!”
Oh. Huh.

So there.

Today is the fourth day.
I know that I am sarcastic,
but I really do love school.
PE was actually wonderful
It’s right in the morning,
so the sun has just lifted
from the mountains.
We played softball.
Everything just seemed
so wonderful
with the girls and boys
laughing and playing
I wanted my camera
so badly.
I cheered for everyone
on my team.
When they were up to bat,
I told everyone about
the Genie of the Universe.
Whatever you say in your head,
the Genie of the Universe
You must have good thoughts.
When someone was up to bat,
my team mates yelled,
“Remember! Genie of the Universe!”
My friend, Mason,
from middle school taught
me how to swing.
I can now hit the balls!

I’ve been looking around
at girls in my school.
The girls who thought they
were so “bad” still have
the same faces.
They look at you with
glaring eyes,
their mouth open a bit,
and chin forward.
They wait until you’re looking
to whisper something
into one’s ear.
They still think they’re so
…But they have no friends.
So, what’s the point
of being snobby
if you don’t have anyone
to be snobby with?
Those girls used to
intimidate me
in middle school.
I never showed it,
but they did.
Now I look at them,
and want to
hug them as tight as I can,
or kiss their cheek,
just to annoy the
crap outta them.

Here, —–
This is for calling
me a *itch in PE
and breaking my finger,
cause I told you to
guard me, and not
push me
in basketball.



  1. ha! you’re such a spaz! u want to hug the snobs?.. i guess thats kinda true. I like to show them upto annoy the shizam outta them! BOO YA! lets do it together!

  2. The genie of the universe. I like that. Works for me.

  3. Now I really want to go to school. Ugh!!! This sucks badly Anne. I want you to be like CAMILLE! In the hall ways again… wait, you never did that. Oh well. It was a fake memory I like. Haha. We really need to hang out soon!!!!!!!!!

  4. so i think that you are great i wish i barley started hight school that would have been great all new no friends maybe i should move!!! jk but anyways i think you are great so what did you say to samantha?

  5. IS this the Brent I’m thinking of? Arthur?
    Haha. If so, I saw him riding his bike one day while I was in the car, and I screamed and started banging on the window, yelling “BRENTBRENTBRENT!” over and over. Hehe.

    The randomness of my actions reminded me of you. ^3^

    I love reading your blog.
    Its great.

  6. Hey Anne.
    I love this post!
    THe whole Samantha thing made me laugh so hard I was crying!!

    It was so amazing!!
    I love all my classes, and I hope you do to.
    I agree about the snobby girls, the school i so much bigger, I just don’t feel intimidated by them at all anymore, they just need to realize that all they have is themselves, so they should shut up and try to make some friends.

  7. Anne you’re so fabulous. I can’t believe how wise you are at your young age. You totally “get it” and it’s so great. You’re an inspiration, REALLY 🙂

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