I have switched up my music.
And because it is not “soft”
I don’t want to annoy anyone
by having it on Autostart.

Many of the songs I put on
remind me of something that
happened in the past.
Or go with a story.
I think all songs can do
that to you.
You hear a song, and
there’s some kind of
memory that seeps into
your head.

When I hear Mistadobalina by
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien,
I think about the first day of 9th grade.
C.J. and I went over to his house and
turned up the stereo.
This song came on, and C.J. started groovin’.
“Hey Ploomer”, he said, “Start dancin!”
Ploomer was the name every person
called me at my old school.
Half of the people didn’t even know
what my real name was.
Finally, I joined him, and all the sudden,
we were dancing around the house!
I felt like such an idiot, but C.J. kept going.
Mistadobalina, Mista Bob Dobalina..

Cantaloop by US3 was the song
for my hip hop performance.
I remember walking from the Arts Academy
up three or four blocks
to the studio.
I walked with Andrea and Emily.
We talked about Emily’s lover,
and complained about white shoes.
Andrea and Emily hated hip hop.
Every time we learned a new move,
Emily would swear.
But for me, I loved it.

Now, being opposite from happy stories,
it is weird to me how a simple song
(or an item in general)
can make you cringe because of a
You hear about people who will not
talk about things, or hear things,
because of a bad memory they have,
still crawling around in their brain.
Do you have something like that?
I know that I won’t listen to some songs,
because of the same reason.
Last summer,
I went with my neighbor Greg to
Vans Warped Tour.
I love all of those songs.
But that summer was the only time in
my life that I felt
completely humiliated and guilty.
Even though the song had nothing to do
with the humiliation,
it was in the same time frame.
Isn’t that weird?

It is so interesting that something
like music,
can trigger off things inside of you.
It makes you want to cry,
or dance,
or kiss someone.

So anyway,
I have new music.
Check it out.


  1. Right on. I’ve noticed that driving around in Salt Lake triggers memories like that. I drive past an old friend’s house, and suddenly they’re back in my head, or past an old school, or a church. I think of them as the ghosts of the past.

  2. Hmm.. whe I listen to songs I don’t really think of memories. Sometimes maybe.. but they mostly remind me of books. When I read I hear and see everything about the book. That’s why I like reading so much. I like to keep my mind in books as much as possible because our world is so boring. For example… Thanks for the memories bye fall out boy reminds me of Twilight. and All around me by Flyleaf reminds me of City of Bones. The lyrics and beat of the songs play a scene from a book in my head… its very cool

  3. Songs really do do that to you. I think its amazing. My friend Chris calls it Deja Vu, I call it a flashback to well some better times. Some songs bring the best in us, some times the worst. I love listening to music because sometimes it inspires us to do certain things we didn’t know we could do!

  4. When I hear Johnny Mathis sing “Chances Are” I become sixteen and want to make out with certain boys I knew. (I never did, however).

  5. I love music!! I agree with almost every word you said. 🙂 To me every time I hear a song I can remember every time I listened to it. Like Regional Dances or Long Car Rides. It’s fun. 🙂 You’re an awesome write, Love. Haha. And hey, it was good to see you again today at pictures!! You looked so pretty!! Love ya.

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