The Highlights of my Summer
1. Putting a piece of banana bread on Wes’ porch
2. Nightgames
3. Demonstrating to Tasia how to pee in the wilderness
4. Becoming good friends with Tadja
5. Stealing Tomatoes
6. Seeing Ed and the rest of the bunch
7. Conquering Paper Mario 2 on Gamecube
8. Dancing my heart out at Youth Conference
9. White Shorts
10. Playing a silly game with Hank and Elliot
11. Hanging with the ward friends
12. Sunday School
13. Blogging
 A list of Summer-Thank You’s:
1. Bro. A,
You really made Youth Conference
the best.
Thank you for swing dancing,
making fun,
and complimenting
2. Taylor,
Thank you for calling me for
I am now great friends with
everyone from my ward.
3. Sister Can,
Thank you for telling me
that you’ve never seen me
so beautiful
when I was dancing.
4. White Shorts,
Thank you for being 
freaking hot.
It was fun stalking you
And don’t worry,
it’s not over.
5. Austin,
Thank you for staying
out of my summer
this year.
Mine was better than
6. Maxwell,
Thank you for asking me
questions about 
Paper Mario and the 
Thousand Year Door.
I’ll tell you how to beat
the Shadow Queen
7. Colby,
Thank you for thinking
I was pregnant,
because of my other post.
I laughed my butt off.
8. Grandma,
Thanks for being silly,
and helping me with my homework.
9. Grandpa,
Thank you for helping me
out with relationship 
And thank you for 
the frosty shake laugh.
10. Emily,
Thank you for staying in 
my life and hanging out
this summer,
even though I’ve said
some wretched things to
Thank you for not holding
a grudge against me.
Something I’m not good at.
11. Herr Embley,
Thank you so much for your
German lessons.
I’ve had some crazy German
dreams this summer.
12. Ana,
Thank you for making 
it possible
to decorate your house
for this last day of summer.
Welcome back. 

I will wake up tomorrow
take a shower (if my curls
have straightened),
glob on some mascara,
put on a new, poofy shirt,
and walk to the bus
with Wes and Garrett.
I will walk to first period,
(which is PE. PE first period.
Kill me.)
and pray for someone I know
to come through the door.
I will walk through the halls,
have a wad of paper chucked
at my face,
trip on my own foot,
and not be able to open
my locker.
Or worst of all,
I’ll get a bloody nose.

Ode to Paranoia.

Tomorrow, I will go through
the highschool doors.
I will look absolutely glamorous.
The broadway lights will
shine on me.
A crowd of senior boys will lift
me off my feet,
and carry me through the halls.

The teachers will bow to me.
It’s all good.
Highschool will be great.


  1. Anne, you are freakin’ adorable. Success is yours for the picking. G’pa

  2. I hope the high school gods breathe blessings on your head.

  3. man oh man!!!I hope senior boys will whisk you off your feet and teachers will bow to you!! you are amazing!! i love you to pieces!!! good luck tomorrow (you will do great!!!)

  4. Anne!!! Haha. You’re awesome. And by the way you did look glamorous on Monday…Really. 🙂 I’m surprised there wasn’t a crowd of seniors askin’ you out or somethin’ already. 🙂 Heck. Where are all them hotties when you need them?! Haha. You are so awesome! Wish we had a class together..:( Keep your pretty happy smile on! Love ya.

  5. Annigen, Annigen,
    Meine Koennigen.
    Du bist so huebsch.
    Als ich die woertern “Herr Embley”, und deine danke dazu, gelesen,
    ich wollte zu weinen.
    Aber, ich weiss nicht warum.

    Du kannst so so quenderschoen screiben.
    Ich liebe dein blog.
    Ich bin addicted dazu.


  6. Ana!

    I loved this summer.
    Everything was great.
    Bingham will be awesome. I know it!!

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