It has been a while.
Almost two weeks!
Last weekend,
I tried out for Peter Pan,
the musical.
I sang wonderfully,
acted great,
I’m too tall.
I got into the musical,
but not who I wanted
to be.
I’m a freaking Indian.

Since the last post,
I’ve gone to
football games,
spoken at Tasia’s
had sleepovers with
slept at night,
smiled a bunch,
and so on.

At Tasia’s baptism,
I wrote in a part of
my talk
a list of times when
I’ve felt happy around
– Dancing in the rain
– Watching her dance
– The time we hugged
a tree,
then lay in the middle
of the road.
– Our eighth grade
summer, seeing
shooting stars and
the giant bat fly by.
– Eating bags of
Reeses Cups and telling
silly stories.
– Sitting on my bed
with her and Megan,
dipping strawberries
into sugar.
– Seeing Tasia laugh
until she cries.
– Watching satellites
– Taking pictures of her
with an umbrella in
– When she told me about
her prayer.
– When she got a runny
nose at testimony

I was thinking about it.
Every time I heard about
my parents dancing
on the roofs with
their friends
on Center Street,
I got so mad
that my teenage life
wouldn’t ever be as fun
and free
as that.
But now I’ve made
memories of my own,
and I do feel fun and
It’s weird what a year
of being fifteen
will do to you.

The other day,
I stood by my friend,
in gym class.
She asked,
“Anne. Doesn’t
your mouth hurt
all the time?”
I looked at her
kind of funny
and asked what
she meant.
“You smile all the time!
Doesn’t your mouth
Hmm. I do smile a lot.
She asked me why I
was so happy
all of the time.
I didn’t really know
what to say.
Why shouldn’t I be

Megan and I went
on a bike ride
the other night,
then sat down in
the grass.
We talked
about the girls
in the neighborhood,
how different the two
of us are,
how people think,
and certain talents
we both have.
It was nice to be out.

Is it just me,
or have you smelled
the fall?
I want to make a list
of things I want to do
this season.

– Collect leaves and
hang them on the
– Buy my very own
pair of gloves
– Wear red lipstick
– Have a hot chocolate
and pajama party
with invitations
– Make banana bread
– Visit Emily, Derek, and
– Go up in the
mountains for a
photo shoot
– Go Bowling
– Taste a sugarplum

Last night,
A friend told me
he was planning on
asking me to homecoming,
but I wouldn’t be
sixteen before then.
Freakin’ A!

I finally finished
my bottle of lotion.
Farewell, my lotion.
You made me smell
oh-so luscious
for my ninth grade
You were with me
at stake dances,
the school halls,
and that walk
to the party
after the musical
Thank you, dear lotion,
for smelling so good.



  1. yippidee skip! pff.. haha.. thats a new one

  2. I would love to see derek as well so many memories. Haha i will always remember him and harrison chasing us and me and you climbing out your basement window. Haha, great post Anne [[:

  3. Congratulations on being an indian! One of these days a part will come along for a tall,skinny, beautiful girl and it will be yours.

    I have smelled fall and I’m thinking pumpkins. High school football is a fall thing, and yes it’s fantastic. I loved high school football games. Live it up Kiddo.

  4. I wanted to try out for the play… I found out I was moving. I wanted to go to the stake dance last night.. I forgot. I wanted to have a sleepover with you before I moved…. there is no time left. Unless we did it saturday night wich I don’t think will be possible. I really want to party with you before I leave. I have a week and four days left. So yes. I will lmis you very very much!!

  5. Way to live life to the fullest Miss Anne! You’re such a rockstar!

  6. That must have been some fabulous lotion…where can I get some?

  7. Haha.
    Walking to the Cast Party.
    That was a hoot.

    And I usually don’t use owl-ish for describing things,
    if that lets you know how exciting it was for me.

    Your blog is always, by far, the most interesting to read.
    You have a language all your own
    but one everyone can always understand when reading.
    the perfect words,
    always seem to slip past your lips.
    And it makes me feel silly when I talk around you,
    because I stumble over my words.

    Long story short,
    you’re amazing.

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