(Pictures from the centennial football game):

Saturday at 5pm and
I’m wasted.
Last night,
I went over to Wes’
When I knocked on
the door,
Landon answered.
“Where’s Wes?”
I asked.
“Not here. You and me
have to blow up balloons.”
Landon sat in the
rocking chair
and I sat on the couch.
We sat there
blowing up balloons,
and talked about
whatever we felt like.
Once we were done,
and Wes was still
not there,
we walked up to Landon’s.
Cameron and Garrett
were there,
playing lacrosse.
Soon after,
Garrett left because
he had to babysit.
He was not happy.
I called up Wes
and asked where he was.
“They’re still putting helium
in the balloons.
We’ll be done soon.”
Thirty minutes passed by.
Wes and Erich finally
showed up in
Wes’ little, white truck.
The balloons Landon and I
had blown up
were sitting in the back.
Erich was holding
the helium balloons.
Landon grabbed the
helium balloons,
and with Cameron,
they hopped in the back.
Erich crawled behind
and I sat down
in the passenger seat.
“Alright, Anne, tell us
where to go.”
After taking the
wrong road,
and praying the balloons
wouldn’t pop,
we finally got to the house.
The front door was
unlocked, just like
Rebekah said.
The five of us hopped
up the stairs,
into the room.
The boys spread out
the balloons,
while I went to find
the tape.
Wes taped the poster
on the door.
“Just Popping In To See
If You Will Go To
Homecoming With Me”,
it said.
Once we were done,
we walked down the
stairs and opened the
Cameron shut the door
on me before I could
walk out.
“Pshh!” I said to him
when I opened the door.
“Do you think Tasia will
like it?” Wes asked me.
“Yeah. She’ll love it.”