My parents are going
to New York with
I would love to see
my parents
and just Maxwell
on a trip to
New York.
I love that kid.

While they are gone,
Harrison, Mira,
and I are
going to stay
with our
Harrison and Mira
have the tendency
to fight all of the
When they fight,
I start yelling.
I am not the
peace maker.
(I’m a red-blue)
I get up and tell
Harrison to shut up,
and Mira to leave
Harrison alone.
If they don’t,
I yell some more.
Maxwell is
usually there
to balance it out.
So, it will be an
interesting week.

Grandma has said
that we will have dinner
at six o’clock
every night.
This excites me.
Yes, my dad has
already told me
to not get my hopes up,
but the thought of it
makes me giddy.
I don’t know if it’s the
OCD that runs through
my family,
but I love things
being scheduled and
When I’m stressed out,
I clean my room
and make lists.

Dinner at six o’clock.
What a dream.

I hope you have a
wonderful time.
And I hope Dad
doesn’t pretend
like he knows where
he’s going
and walks three miles
to no where.
Like last time.
I hope you get to eat
that yummy
corn on the cob
and you won’t be
too bored
when Mom drags
you and Dad into
the tassel shop.
Have fun at all the
all the parks,
and everything you
end up doing.

My mom and the kids
just got home.
They all got candy bars.
My mom always
buys them chocolate
after swim.
None for me.
“What a buncha weenies!”
As Grandpa would say.


  1. I love the way you write, Anne.

    Dream on about dinner at 6, unless chocolate chip cookies count as dinner!

    Tell your dad that if he doesn’t call Ed to see each other Ed is going to be really mad (seriously).

  2. amazing, have fun eating dinner at six!

  3. Dinner will damn well be at six. I can cook you know.

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