I forgot my
gym clothes.
I noticed while
I was walking to
the bus,
but I didn’t want
to ask Dad
for the millionth time
to take me to school.
Tasia will have
gym clothes,
I thought.
She’ll let me borrow

I had to make a bunch
of errands.
My grade said
I had zeros
on five assignments.
We’ve never had
I always participate
in class…
(Meaning hard core
participation. Example,
acting out a character
who has no arms, legs,
and is deaf and blind.)
No idea what
the assignments
I went to her classroom.
She wasn’t there.

I went to the lunch room
and helped Ana
study for the same
test I have
I knew none
of the answers.

it was time for
first period,
which is gym for me.
I headed to the
locker room,
and ran into Amanda.
I asked her how her
party went
on Saturday.
(The one I missed for
my great grandma’s
Then I realized…
I didn’t get Tasia’s

Another moment
of anxiety freak out.

I started texting Tasia.
She didn’t answer.
I asked around if
anyone had
extra gym clothes.
No one did,
or didn’t want
to give me them.
No gym clothes.

And why is it such a big deal
to miss one day
without gym clothes?
Cause it really shouldn’t be
a big deal, right?

You’ve never met my
gym teacher.

You’re in line for role.
When she gets to you,
she scowls and says,
“Why aren’t you dressed?”
“I don’t have my gym clothes”
“You don’t have your gym clothes?”
Her voice becomes louder and
her face draws nearer
to your face.
“I don’t have them today.”
“You don’t have them today?”
“Do you know that on your
you agreed to come to class
every day prepared?”
Blah Blah Blah.
And while this is going on,
the whole class is
The valley hair chicks
are snickering,
Silver Dragon is
wincing at you,
And the tall boy
with a gorgeous smile
(that you may very well
be crushing on a bit)
feels sorry for you
and pretends he’s not
Not having your gym clothes
is a big deal.

I called my dad.
I don’t know what
made me decide to
call him.

I was in the very corner
of the locker room.
“I’m about to be
completely humiliated
and I don’t want to be.”
I tell him.
Guess what he
told me to do?
I told him I didn’t know
where I could sit
for a whole hour
and a half.
“Start walking up
the road,
and I’ll come get you.”

I knew he’d be a while.
I felt like crying.
My grades were low,
I couldn’t get a hold of
my teachers,
I had three hard tests
in two days,
I was sluffing,
and all in all,
I was stressed.

I walked upstairs
to Frau Christopher’s
As bored as I am in
I knew I could talk
to Frau Christopher.
She had a class going.
I walked down the stairs
to the entrance.
Three students
were playing guitar.
The song they were playing
was sad.
Remember what I said
high school would be like?
The teachers would bow
to me,
the seniors would hold
me above their arms?
Not any near close.
There I was
walking out the entrance
with hair in my eyes
and an itch in my arm.
I walked up the road
and my dad
picked me up.

I’m excited for
next quarter.
Good ol’ Ana and I
are scheduling
every study group
and study party
for next quarter.
Super excited.


  1. Have fun studyin!

  2. Who’s your gym teacher? Because if it’s mrs. Roberts then she can die and burn in hell. Because of reasons such as the one you were stuck in. I never came not dressed for fear of her rath.
    I almost got on her good side even though I dispised being nice to her.
    I feel your pain anne. I know everything you mean. I might have to go through somewhat of the same thing next week.

  3. i love you anne i think you are amazing!!! i love sluffing but i am to much of a wuss to do it. and tell your dad he is amazing seriously!! love it! did you go back to school later?

  4. Yes, Camille. It’s Roberts.
    And yes, Emily. I went back to school.
    Phew. It’s the end of the quarter now.
    It’s all over!

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