• Another 100% on Chemistry test. Bomb Diggity. There is a God.
  • After a million note cards and hours of studying, I took the Rome test. And… it was easy.
  • My team sucked at volleyball yesterday. 
  • I need to write my essays for the scholarship. Herr Embley is writing me a letter of recommendation.
  • Erik and Landon made my day. 
  • I bought Chase an ice cream because he didn’t have any lunch money. 
  • Ana and I couldn’t stop laughing in tech. The teacher hates us. 
  • It’s windy and sunny outside. My two favorite things. 
  • I need to go see the musical for Erik. Must buy tickets. 
  • Should I try out for the next one? Can’t decide if I’m done with musicals. 
First Quarter Grades
  1. P.E: A-
  2. sem
  3. English: A-
  4. Math: A
  5. World Civ: B
  6. Tech: A
  7. German: A
  8. Chemistry: B
  • Worst grades I’ve ever had. I hate B’s. And A-‘s in gym class. Pff.
  • Why is everyone in my family scared to ride a bike? I wasn’t.
  • I miss Kaleb. I want to go rock climbing.
  • I’ve got to get out of here for college. 
  • Ohh, life!