On Monday,

this boy came up
to me.
“Hey Anne! 
What’s up?” he said.
I looked at him.
His face was
somewhat familiar,
but I had no idea
what his name was.
“Hey! Eh, nothing much.”
I walked over to
Amanda and Mason.
“Shoot! That kid just
said hi to me
and I don’t know 
what his name is.
I don’t even know
how I know him!”
They laughed.
I went to line up
with Amanda
for gym.
The other class,
where Mason was,
lined up on the other
“Hey Anne!” I heard
from across the room.
It was Mason.
“Anne, his name is
He did not just do that.
I looked up,
and there was Spencer.
He looked awkward.
Where had I seen him
How did he know 
my name?
On Wednesday,
he came up and said,
“I can’t believe you 
forgot my name.”
I looked at him and
“Spencer, I’m so sorry.
It was just at that second.”
Lie. I really had no idea.
He laughed. “It’s all good.
You’re the only girl I 
remember from the dance.”
He walked away.
The dance…
I stood there thinking.
Did I dance with him?
I always remember faces
of the people I’ve 
danced with.
I mean really, who can’t?
They’re two inches away
from your face.
They’re holding your back.
You’re holding their hand.
You remember their
weird dance moves,
bad breath,
super yummy cologne,
their awkwardness.
There’s always something
you remember.
But this dude… 
No idea. 
Then I remembered.
but his hands were 
too loose
when we danced. 
And I asked him 
what his name was
like three times
when were dancing.
I was humiliated 
when Mason yelled
his name to me.
And now, 
I see him everywhere.
I say his name 
extra loud,
so he knows I know.
Kids who usually
never talk to me
started talking
in math class 
I talked with this 
kid, Michael.
He’s makes it 
very clear to everyone
that he’s black.
He talked about 
kid shows
and how retarded 
they were.
He made me laugh
so hard.
“You’ve ever seen
that show Franklin?
Franklin, you know,
the turtle?
Franklin has 
a lot of buddies.
You know what they’re
The bear friend,
his name’s Bear.
The frog friend,
his name’s Frog.
The bird friend,
her name’s Bird.
And the turtle,
you know what his
name is?
Franklin the turtle.
Why the hell Franklin?
He’s a turtle,
his name should be 
Then we got Dora
the Explorer
running around 
with a monkey 
wearing yellow
rain boots.
Have you ever seen
a monkey wearing
rain boots?
And Sesame Street.
Don’t get me 
on Sesame Street.
That six foot 
He went off.
It was hilarious.
Besides talking 
to Michael,
another dude 
came and talked 
to me.
He’s tall,
and buff.
Brown hair.
While I showed
the math homework,
this guy came
and sat down 
right behind me.
“Hey,” he said.
“Hi! What’s up?”
“Nothing. Do you 
come here often?”
I gave him a weird
“To math class? Umm,
“Really? That’s cool.
So, do you have a boyfriend?”
Oh man. 
What a weirdy. 
It was a joke, of course,
but he was really good
at keeping is serious.
I Laughed.
“No, I do not.”
His eyes lit up.
“Are you looking for one?”
“Are you sure?”
who was sitting next to me,
burst out laughing.
“I’ll put you on my
waiting list,” I said.
He broke his 
seriousness for a moment
and smiled.
She’s the one looking
for a boyfriend,”
I pointed to Megan.
“Not me.”
Megan started to laugh.
“Hey,” he said to Megan.
“Oh gosh. Anne.”
It went on,
and got funnier and funnier.
He would walk away
and wink at Megan,
then come back. 
He put his leg 
in Megan’s face 
and acted all sexy.
He finally went back
to his friends.
I am mean to 
stranger boys.
Last year,
Tasia and I went
to the movies.
We were sitting down
at a table.
All the sudden,
these two boys 
came up.
“Hey. Can we sit here?”
One boy was 
super hot.
But he was a “bad boy”.
I could tell by his
The other had shaved
blonde hair
with a leather jacket
and studs on his 
They were looking
at Tasia.
She was smiling,
and they were starting
to sit down.
“No, you can’t sit here,”
I said.
The hot kid looked at 
He looked at his friend
and smiled.
“OoOo, are you waiting
for someone?”
“Maybe, maybe not,”
I said back.
“Are they guys?”
“Maybe, maybe not.”
The blonde hair
kid smiled.
His teeth were 
“Well, we mustn’t 
get in the way 
of anything.”
They left.
Tasia looked at me.
She was disappointed.
“What?” I asked.
She rolled her eyes.
A half hour later,
we went into the arcade.
The boys saw us
and followed us in.
I was playing a racecar
The hot guy leaned
over me.
“So, uh, where are your
guy friends?”
I didn’t look at him.
“Why does it matter?”
He looked at his friend
and did that stupid
“Come and sit with us.
There’s a whole group 
of us over there.”
He wanted me to look
at the group
I didn’t look.
“Why would I want 
to hang with you?”
He raised his
And off he was.
Tasia was practically
drooling over the 
so you can just
imagine her face
when she looked 
at me.
“Anne! What the 
heck what that?”
She was mad.
(Still mad to this day)
I seem to handle
boys differently
than everyone else
I know.
Girls tend to think
that if you like a guy,
you should express it
to him.
They think that
you should tell him
straight out
that you like him.
I’ve never done that,
and I don’t give 
that advice out.
I don’t think it’s wrong,
I just think it’s cheesy.
If I like a guy 
that much,
I wouldn’t show it.
I’d rather have him
say to me,
“You’re really easy
to talk to. 
I’m glad I have you
as my friend”
“I like you.”
Being a good friend
to me
is way better
than having them
like you.
Cause later,
the guy friends 
are the ones you’re
going to date.
I don’t like sharing 
my emotions
about guys
with my friends.
It’s hard
because I’m such 
a blabber mouth,
but I don’t like to.
I always regret it.
I’d rather keep my thoughts
about boys
to myself.
With friends,
there’s always teasing.
Teasing gets in the way.
It’s easier for boys
to find out
when the friends are
With friends,
they try to help.
They go and 
talk to the boy
for you.
They have conversations
about you
with the boy.
That’s not obvious
at all.
It’s just easier 
to keep your feeling
about guys
away from 
everyone else.
So there.


  1. this is all true….

  2. It’s true.
    I’m not mad about those boys anymore.
    Only one was hot anyway, one of us would have been stuck with the one with yellow teeth.
    I understand what you mean about the
    finding it hard to talk to your friends about
    liking guys.

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