Tadja’s party
was October 30th.
Curtis and I went
as the Joker
and his wife.
Harrison decided
he wanted to
come too.
The three of us
walked into
Tadja’s house.
We were only
in there
for thirty seconds,
when Curt
broke a Halloween
I saw old friends,
met new people,
and had fun.

On Halloween night,
Sam and Sarah,
and my grandparents
came over.
We all talked and
joked around.
It was fun to see
them there.
At nine thirty,
Grandma, Mom,
Harrison, Mira,
and I
went to see
Highschool Musical
in the theaters.
As geeky as it sounds,
we all had a good time.
Including Harrison.
My mom even cried.

Last night,
I went to a
haunted house
with Parker,
Miranda, Colby,
and a bunch of
Our group
cuddled the
whole time.
we ran to Wal Mart
and ate at
I didn’t get back
til’ one.

Church was awesome
Dylan was on the
I watched him yawn.
He had this funky
look on his face.
I started to laugh.
Then my dad started
“Are you watching
My dad smiled
and nodded.
Dylan is the kid
who brings a
bouncy ball
to church
and doesn’t realize
everyone is
watching him
chuck the ball
at the ceiling.
He is very

In Sunday School,
Sean says, “Did
you guys watch
the game?”
Erich’s eyes get
all big
and he stands up
from his chair.
“Yeah! That was
intense! The
quarterback was like
‘Wahh!’ then ‘Wahh!'”
he says while kicking
his foot up
in the air
and pretending to
tackle Nate.
Man. Good times.

Now I’m sitting here
thinking about
the lesson in
Young Women’s.
We talked about
the commandments.
we talked about lying.
The leaders all
spoke up
about lying to
your parents.
“It’s so much easier
to just tell your parents
where you are going,
instead of lying
about it.”
In my life,
this is very true for me.
But then I think…
So many parents
say no
when their kid
wants to go somewhere.
No, you cannot go
with a ton of your
guy friends
to a movie
unless another girl
is there.
No, that boy is a bad
influence on you.
You are not allowed
to hang out with him.
No, you will do something
bad, so no.
It is so surprising
to see how many parents
do not trust their kids.
Then parents say,
“I was there once.
I know the kind of things
teenagers do.
I did bad things back
and I don’t want
my kids
doing that.”
Some parents assume
that every thing
they did
or all the things
they hear about
these days
is surely going
to happen
to their kid.
And then what?
Do you know what
grounding does?
It pisses the
kid off,
that’s what it does.
When parents ground
all the time,
they may not know it,
but they’re showing
that they do not
believe in anything
their child says.
They do not trust them.
So back to the beginning,
teenagers think,
why should I even
ask my mom
if I can go out?
I know she’ll
say no.
I know it.
What’s the point?
And if I get caught,
they’ll just ground me
No biggie.
I’m grounded all the

In my own opinion,
grounding is the
last result
any parent should
go to
for discipline.
I’ve seen too many
do things they never
would have done
if they weren’t in
the grounding system.
One friend of mine
has been grounded
since the day
she moved
into my neighborhood.
She’s had sex
with every guy
in the high school.

Grounding sucks.

the lesson in
Young Women’s
ended up being
really great.
Something smells

Off I go!


  1. Anne, I think you’re right that parents have part of the blame for lies if their rules are too strict.

  2. ahah your costumes are awesome!

  3. My oh my weren’t you two sexy. Hahaha. 🙂 I’m so glad you guys came! I hope you had fun. 🙂 I love you to death. Haha.

    Did you get my e-mail about the pictures from my party? I was wondderin’ if you could send me them or put them on a disk…(cause I only got like 2 that didn’t turn out blurry.). Whatever is easiest.

    You’re amazing. See you tomorrow. 🙂

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