I’m still scared.

I walked home
from Tasia’s.
Walking in
the darkness.
One of my
favorite things.
It’s my time to
write in my head.
Make up stories,
think about things,
do anything I
want to.
Because it’s
just me.
No one’s around.
But I scared myself.
I’m home,
sitting on the floor
in my room,
and still breathing hard.
I walked down
rape street.
Tasia and I call it that
because there are
no street lights,
no porch lights,
and the cars are parked
on the street.
Too many places
for someone to
jump out at you.
Usually Rape Street
doesn’t phase me
at nighttime.
I just walk in the
middle of the street
and think
about whatever I
feel like.
But not tonight.
I turned on
Rape Street
and all I could
think of
were the shadows
of houses
and cars
that tumbled
over me.
Any second,
a man could
jump out at me.
Behind this car.
Or this car.
Or this car.
I started breathing
I started to run.
I held the
turquoise hat
on my head
so it wouldn’t fall.
Run, run, run.
I passed the
red truck,
the shiny black car,
and out of
Rape Street.
I ran passed the hill
where I had
my first kiss.
What an idiot,
I thought.
There were street lights
and familiar houses,
but I couldn’t
get myself
to calm down.
I kept running!
I reached the
garage door
to my house.
I punched the buttons,
but the garage wouldn’t
I was freaking out.
The garage finally
started to open.
I hit my head on the

I feel better now.
I’m sitting here laughing
at myself.
I was so scared.

All better.

I needed to write
to calm down.
I felt stupid
when I got home,
so I have to
make fun
of myself.

There. Done.



  2. I think we all had a “rape street” growing up. However, most probably didn’t call it that.

  3. This may be a cautionary tale. You might find another street, well-lit to find your way home.

  4. Or go with at least one or two friends!

  5. Don’t feel stupid. I run past the garden by my house because I feel like vampires are going to jump out. There. Feel better? I don’t. haha

  6. Ugh! I hate that street with a passion. I eventually started taking another route home from your house over the summer, ever since we saw those creepy guys on the sidewalk while we were on our bikes.
    As hard as I try, I always freak myself out on that street, it is not a safe place to be at night.

    You always feel like someone is watching you, breathing down your neck with every silent step you take. And all you can hear is our own breath, coming hard and panicked from your lungs.

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