I’m off sugar.

It hasn’t even been
a week and
I’m dying.
It don’t know what
made me think
of the idea.
“Let’s see who can
go the longest
without sugar!”
I said to my dad.
So now we’re both
off it.
At lunch,
they were handing out
free ice cream.
At mutual on Wednesday,
they had chocolate pie
for dessert.
Tasia bought a bag
of Snickers
at the game yesterday.
I watched her
eat them.
Amanda offered me
a piece of gum.
Right when it touched
my mouth,
I spat it out.

It’s hard.

I just stuck a banana
in a jar of
peanut butter.
Now I’m eating it.
Peanut butter is
the only thing
that’s keeping me away
from eating chocolate.
Breathing deeply…

Speaking of breathing,
I had an anxiety attack
in Chemistry
We had a test.
I spent more than
a minute
on each problem.
I felt like I was going
to die.
I wanted to get out
of the classroom,
but I didn’t want
to talk to mean
Mrs. B.
I couldn’t breathe
and it felt
like everything
was closing in
on me.
Even after I finished,
I couldn’t catch
my breath.
I walked out of
and went to the bus.
It was 3:30
and my throat
still felt clogged.
But phew!
It’s over now.
I never want one of
ever again.
And who knows
how I did
on the stupid test.

We’re playing
comp. volleyball
in P.E.
I love it.
I’m good at it.
There’s this bald kid
on my team.
He and I are
the best.
This boy named
is on our team.
He is short and
He loves to hit
the ball,
but it rarely goes
over the net.
Bryan (my bald
friend) and I
usually end up
running after it.
I love volleyball.
It’s the only sport
I can play.
I can bump
and serve.
We played
Silver Dragon’s team
the other day.
They were sucking.
I yelled, “Hey Silver!
Whoop your team
into shape! Do your
I smiled at her.
And I’m almost positive
that she smiled back.

I feel like bowling.
That’s what I’ll do
this weekend.
I’ll call up my
gym buddies,
Amanda, Sarah, and
Mr. Mason.
We’ll go bowling.

… Nothing else to say.