How wonderful
the holiday is.

These pins were in
my stocking.
Check them out.
(Specifically the
red one. Baha!)

For Christmas Eve,
we went to our dear
We ate German food
and sang Christmas songs.
While I sat on the
couch singing,
a younger girl (Around ten
or so)
sat on the floor below me.
She sang.
You know when Britney Spears
sings Hit me Baby?
Yeah. That’s what she
sounded like.
Very poppy.
Can you imagine it?
Singing a spiritual
Christmas song
like a celebrity
off the Disney Channel?
Not so lovely…
Because she was on the ground,
no one could see her.
Which… sucked shiznit.
everyone on the couch thought
I was the one
singing like a pop star.
People kept
glancing over at me.
I knew that’s what they
were thinking.
I looked down at the girl.
Her eyes were closed
as she moved her head
left and right.
“ssSSSIIlent nNNight,
hhHHOOolly nnNNight.”
Finally I stopped singing
and hoped the people
looking at me weird
would get the drift.
But none of them
seemed to look at me
after I stopped singing.
They were probably
trying to tune “me” out.
I could stand
being a wannabe
Sharpay Evans
from Highschool Musical
for a night.

It was a very odd night
after we got back from dinner
and went to sleep.
I lay in bed until
two thirty.
I was thinking about
all the stupid things I’ve done
and haven’t said sorry
to God for.
So I got on my knees
and prayed for a bit.
When I still couldn’t sleep,
I went downstairs,
sat against the refrigerator,
and ate a cookie.
You don’t know how hard
it has been
to eat wheat.
I really wish my parents
had told me about weevils
when I was a kid.
I wouldn’t be as grossed out
as I am now.
So as I sat there eating
that cookie,
I plugged my nose
and tried to think
of happy thoughts.
It’s the new game
in the house.
Since I am the one
that steals the cookie dough
and eats it even when
my dad tells us not to-
What’s he going to do,
call the police on me?-
my siblings think it’s funny to
now yell “Weevil!”
every time I take a bite.
Which, makes me spit
the dough out,
run upstairs, and
not eat the rest of the
What a fun game.
Any way,
after I ate the cookie,
I walked upstairs and
went to bed.

Mira woke me up
at eight thirty.
The family walked
and opened presents.
Harrison got
his drums.
My dad keeps saying
that I should learn
to play the bass.
Then our family
could be a band.
(Mom with the keyboard,
Harrison with the drums,
Dad with guitar…)
“You could be like
the Osmonds,” Ed said.
What fun that would be.
Maxwell got the lego set
he wanted,
Mira got her own,
little Christmas Tree
that she wanted,
and I got all
wonderful things.

I love my siblings.
I love Harrison and his
joy of music.
I love Maxwell and his
curiosity of the world.
I love Mira and her
singing, dancing, acting,
and silliness.
I love my parents.
I love my dad and his
eagerness to be a part
of each person’s lives
in our family
and have a personal
relationship with
one another.
I love my mom and her
positive mind to
raise all of us
and be there
at any time.
I have a hard time
getting all cooty cooty
about my parents and sibs.
I’m not the
touchy-feely type 
when it comes to the
immediate family.
As much as I love them.
Who knows why.)

I love Christmas.
I love the feeling,
and thinking
about Jesus.
This year has been good.
I’m excited for the
New Year.


  1. What are you doing on New Year’s Eve? We need to get together and party! WOOT!

  2. I’m glad you had a wonderful Holiday!
    Its the best time of the year in my opinion.
    I agree with Megan. We should party on New Years Eve. 🙂

  3. We need to have a weevil talk.

  4. Sounds like u had tons of fun being sharpay for a day. (even tho i can’t spell anything….)

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