I hung out with Loira
and Ana today,
along with their soccer group.
It was fun, like always.
The boys are hilarious.
Ana makes me laugh so hard,
I snort.
Loira is wonderful.
It’s always fun.
But every time, there is
one problem.
The ride home.
The thing is,
Loira and Ana live close
to each other.
It’s easy for the boys
to drive them home.
But me,
I live on the
other side of the neighborhood.
Cameron decided
to drive Ana and me home.
Since Ana lived closer,
he drove her home first.
While I was giving
Cameron directions,
we talked about the snow,
how we met Ana and Loira,
how many siblings we have,
all the topics you talk about
when you’re just
new friends.
We got to the round-a-bout.
“Go all the way around,” I said.
Instead, he turned on the
first street.
“Oh, I meant around the
“Oops,” he said.
He made a U-ee right there.
“This is illegal, but oh well.
No cops around.”
As we turned,
the car started to slow down.
Then, it stopped.
We were blocking both ways
to get in and out
of the circle.
I could tell by Cameron’s face
that he was panicking.
“Okay. You take the
driver’s seat. I’m gonna push.”
He got out of the seat.
What? He wanted ME to
drive? I’ve only driven
with my my dad!
I’m only fifteen.
I hopped into the driver’s seat
and pushed on the gas.
“More, more!” he yelled.
“Okay, put it in neutral!”
I was panicking too,
so I accidentally turned on
the windshield wipers.
Oh, scheiße.
Finally I found the
freaking neutral.
The car still wasn’t moving.
This is when I started
“Please help us out, please
help us out, please help us
Finally, the car moved.
“Yeah!” Cameron yelled.
I got back in the passenger seat.
By Cameron’s face,
he was still pretty tense.
I started laughing. (Of course)
“Wow,” Cameron said,
“That was interesting.”
Finally we got to my house.
I told him how to get out
of the neighborhood,
and he was off.
Why did I have to move
to this part of the
freaking neighborhood?
I was so embarrassed
when I got home.
Cameron was cool,
but we had just barely
started to hang out!
Ugh. Ugh.
How embarrassing.

Well. What can you do?
The rest of the night
was fun.
I came in right at the end
of I am Legend and
started screaming.
One guy yelled,”Anne!
You’ve only been in here
for two seconds and you’re
already screaming!”
Some alien dude has
popped out from the ceiling.
we watched The Guardian, which
ehh, was fine.
Ana and Loira were crying.
I didn’t cry.

So there.
That was my night.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting day. I sat on the freaking tarmack on a tiny air plane for two hours. But that is another story. I’ll update soon!! Luv u.

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