I believe in fortune cookies.

Our family went to Pei Wei
with Sam and Sarah.
I got a fortune cookie
that said,
“To go a far distance,
you must take the
first step.”
It’s pretty much saying,
“Anne, get off your butt
and finish your
German Application.”

I got home and made
a schedule of the week.
I’ll be spending
an hour a day
finishing it up.
It’s almost done.
My essays just need
some editing.

If I go to Germany,
I want to learn to play
the guitar
before I get there.
I have nine months.
This will be wonderful.

I’ve spent the weekend
mostly with my grandparents.
I took the bus closest
to their house
and talked
with Ana and Loira.
When I got off the bus,
I walked with Will
and Ashley
until they went a
different way.
I talked to my grandparents
about my week.
Grandma made me
a tuna fish sandwich,
and Grandpa made
hot chocolate.
I ended up
staying the night.

I took a 25 minute
I put the top of my head
under the water
and let it slide down
my face.
I opened my mouth
and let myself drool.

My life has been changing.
I never thought becoming
a German Exchange Student
would ever be something
for me.
I never thought having a blog
would make me think so much.
I never thought the six hours
talking to Ana
would bring such an impact
on my life.
I feel different about the way
I look at things.
I feel smarter.


  1. When do u figure out if you’re going to Germany or not?

  2. I second Megan. Why is everyone considering leaving? 🙁 Ha sounds like a blast though!!!

  3. I’m still working on my application. Herr Embley just mailed my letter of recommendation back to me. Now I need Frau Christopher’s. As soon as I finish up my six essays, I’ll send it in.

  4. I believe in fortune cookies too Anne! I have always opened them and interpreted their meaning as you’ve done in your post.

    Fortunes are one thing that I usually hang on to. I have 19 fortunes taped to a piece of paper on my wall at work. Fortunes I have collected over the last four or five years.

    I don’t usually keep the ones that aren’t fortunes. Either way they make for great conversation starters.

  5. Fortune cookies says: You’re already making your own marvelous future.

    You’ve answered the essay question on how you will deal with your homesickness; now the question is how will the rest of us deal with our homesickness for Anne?

  6. G’ma has a good point, and if you come home with some ugly German kid with crooked teeth, tight jeans hairy armpits then I’m going to be upset.

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