It’s three thirty in the
Usually, I can go
straight to bed
during the weekends.
I guess not tonight.
I’ve been lying in bed
for about three hours.

I got a lot done this
And I had fun.
Last night,
I was sitting around,
looking at photography
when Erich called.
He was surprised
I wasn’t doing anything
and told me to
meet him at Wes’.
I walked down the street
where Wes lives
and watched
The Truman Show.
Erich was the only one
who hadn’t seen it,
and Wes never showed him
the beginning.
So during the whole movie,
Erich was dying.
“What the heck is
going on! I don’t get
this movie.”
He didn’t know
Truman was on television.
Erich said,
“We should go to
the basketball game.”
I could tell Wes
didn’t want to go.
But he’s always a
good sport.
“Alright. We might as well.
We have nothing else
to do.”
We hopped into Wes’
little white truck
and off we went.
Basketball was more
intense to watch
than football.
Plus, I knew half of
the basketball team.
Our team won.
When we drove back home,
Wes turned on
Behind These Hazel Eyes
by Kelly Clarkson.
Wes sang high pitched,
I purposely went off-key
and we just had a jolly time
singing all the way home.

This morning,
someone turned my light on
at seven o’ clock.
My room was trashed.
Dirty laundry
and german dictionaries
all over the place.
Someone yelled,
“Good Morning!”
My eyes were burning
from the light.
I thought it was Mom
telling me to get up and
start cleaning,
which is pretty much
what happens
every Saturday.
I looked up.
It was Sister Z.,
one of my Young Women
with LaurenK and Bri.
“We’ve come to kidnap you!
Come on, let’s go eat
I rubbed my eyes and
sat there staring at them,
wondering if this was
real or if I was
I was about to get out
of bed,
when I realized I was
in a tank top
and underwear.
(Really, who sleeps
in actual pajama pants?)
“We’ll go downstairs
and wait for you” Sis. Z said.
There was a car
waiting outside for me.
When I got in,
we started driving.
“You should have seen your dad
when we came to the door!”
Bri said,
“He was still in his garments!”
I could picture it. Easily.
“Yes,” Sister Z said, “He answered
the door and I said, ‘Didn’t you get
the message’? He said,
‘Ya, I just forgot’. He didn’t
care at all that he was
in his garments.”
I laughed.
I think everyone has seen
my dad in his garments.
After kidnapping Alison
and Rebecca,
we headed to Sis. C’s house.
We waited for the
other leaders
to get the rest of the girls
and ate breakfast.
we had a little
spiritual thought
of Christmas.
I lay across Miranda,
Lauren, and Lindsay on
the couch.
Lindsay scratched
my back.
I love Lindsay for that.
She’s always giving me
I love the leaders.
I love it how they think of
silly things like kidnapping us
to go eat breakfast
at someone’s house.

The rest of the day was nice,
because I got lots done.
I cleaned my room,
officially finished my
six essays,
and wrote the letter
to my German Host Family.
Oh, and I burned
(I’ll explain later.)
I took a nap,
and woke up at seven.
It felt weird,
because I couldn’t remember
falling asleep
and overall,
naps make me feel
like I’m missing a part
of the day.
Tasia texted me and
asked if I wanted
to order pizza and
watch a movie.
When I got there,
she had already ordered
the pizza.
When the pizza came,
I looked at my half.
Cheese, pepperoni,
and olives.
Just how I like it.
Thanks, Tas.

I’ve had Led Zeppelin
stuck in my head
all day.
“Seems that the wrath
of the Gods
got a punch
on the nose
and it started to flow;
I think I might be sinking!”

It’s four now.
I can’t sleep!
I have to wake up at
seven thirty for church.
Three and a half hours.
Okay, I’m going
to try again.

Good night.


  1. The movie: you all sound drunk.

  2. Your dad in his garments? Yuck!

  3. Those dear sisters were lucky your dad had his garments on. Did they see his toe too?

  4. I’ve seen him in his garments, and you’re probably right, almost everyone has. Haha. I am glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  5. Anne, you should have sent me a voice message again lol.

    Anyways im glad to hear bingham won.

    Seriously you can call me or send me a voice message or even a text message any time you want someone to talk to. (even if it is 3 o’clock in the morning). im always around.

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