I’m not in the mood
to do anything
I’m ignoring calls,
not answering texts,
and saying no to
hang outs.

Just. Bleh.

I want to watch
The Grinch.
I wish we had the one
with Jim Carrey.

Maybe I’ll go with
my buddy, Shawn,
to see Twilight.
I still haven’t seen it,
and don’t really care for it.
I thought the books
weren’t that great.
Too many adverbs
and cheese for me.
I don’t think a
romantic kiss
can be perfect,
like all the mushy stuff
in books.
(Then again, how would
I know? I’ve only kissed
one guy… but did get
slobber all over
my chin)
Someone either
steps on your foot,
or the guy gets a
back ache
from leaning over
too much
or the person
has really bad breath
or you bonk teeth
or you miss their
lips completely.
Maybe this is all
stuff that happens
for your first kiss.
Maybe it gets better.
The whole Bella and Edward
kind of freaks me out.
It says in Twilight
that… Let’s see here…
“…His cold,
marble lips pressed
very softly against mine.”
Why do girls like that?
What’s so enchanting
about marble lips?
I know I wouldn’t want
to kiss lips that felt
like marble.
I think it’s lame
that girls wear
Twilight shirts
to high school,
Or the freaking
“I love Edward” fan club.
Shoot me.

Kissing is so exhausting.
The summer when
I kissed,
I was wasting my money
on packs of gum,
and carrying a little spray
of listerine wherever
I went.
I made sure to always
smell good
and use the scented
shampoo every day.
How annoying.
The first kiss
wasn’t all that great.
I could make it sound
but truly.
What a disappointment.

Okay, this is weird.

My fingers hurt like
no other
because of playing the
Will says by Christmas,
if I play about
an hour a day,
I’ll get thick calluses
and it won’t hurt anymore.
Crossing my fingers…

Last week,
I gave away two
garbage bags full
of my clothes
for this orphanage
in Africa.
I hardly have any
clothes now,
which is funny because
I gave away everything
that didn’t fit me.
It felt great.
My german teacher
was the one
collecting everything
for Africa.
The woman is awesome.
Her whole house
burned down this summer
and still,
she comes every day
with a smile on her face.
I adore her.

I wanted to walk Cairo,
my dog,
around today.
It didn’t happen.

Two and a half weeks off
from school.
Yippidee Skip!


  1. Agreed.
    What is so romantic about cold lips.
    To be honest…Kisses are so much better warm and soft. (Not that I have a lot of practice)

    I re-read Twilight over the summer.
    I didn’t even finish it.
    I found so many flaws with the writing.
    The story is good, but the writing is not good at all.
    All it is is repeated adjectives, and lame descriptions. Gets old after awhile.

  2. If someone want’s to kiss marble lips, go kiss a rock and make out with it, keep it in your bed, kiss it everynight before you sleep,make it kiss you, just the same. Make a statue of edward, lay him in our bed, it’s the same exact thing, cold hard and lifeless.
    I have thee almost a month off of school fro Christmas.

  3. Ha. You’re so funny. Too bad we all can’t just kiss Edward and then try to describe it. But he’s not real!! 🙂 It’s impossible to be perfect so I love real men. They are imperfect but perfect because they are imperfect. Ha! K that made no sense.

    I hope your kissing gets better… 😉 ily!

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