My room is clean.
I’ve sent my application.
I’m scheduling.
I’m learning guitar.

we were learning about
the types of art
in the Renaissance time.
The Sophomore SBO
yelled, “Pornography!”
Mr. Crump said
the sculpture of the
body interested
the people in the Renaissance
and many paintings
of naked men and women
were drawn.
“Told you,” the SBO said,
A kid sitting next to him
said, “Uhh, no. Not exactly.”
The SBO looked at him,
and said, “Uhh, yeah.”
I wanted to wack him
on the head.

I love my room when
it’s clean.
The walls are painted
a light, milk chocolate brown.
I have lights strung
from one side of the room
to the other.
There’s a map that hangs
above the black dresser.
I just love it.
Besides the fact that
your butt freezes,
it’s a nice play to think.

I went bowling today.
I was winning the
first game,
then Mason tied me.
The second game,
Mason won.
Amanda… just lost
When we got on the bus
to head back to school,
Mason, Amanda, and I
scooted into one seat.
A group of girls
sitting next to us
started talking to Mason.
“Eww!” a girl said, “Why
do you have to sit there?
You’re burning my eyes
with your ugly face!”
This shocked me.
Did someone really
just say that?
Pff! How lame can
they get?
“Mason, look at me,”
I said.
I looked at his face,
winced my eyes,
and scratched my head.
I knew the girl
was watching me.
“Hmm… Mason,
my eyes aren’t burning,”
I looked at the girl,
“Are you sure your eyes
are okay? Can I
give you a number
to call? You might have
a severe case of
I acted innocent.
She looked at me
and rolled her eyes.
Then she said,
“Mason, how many of
your girlfriends
actually liked you?
Do you get it
that nobody likes you?
You have no friends.”
I burst out laughing.
What idiots.
She sounded like
a dumb blonde in
the movies.
She looked at me
and glared.
Which made me laugh
Mason and Amanda
looked at me and started
laughing too.
I don’t know what happened,
but the three of us couldn’t
stop laughing.
I started to snort,
Amanda was crying,
and Mason was holding
his stomach because it hurt
so much.
I glanced at the girl.
She was looking at us
like a buncha freaks.
I pointed to her and tried
to say something,
but started laughing again.
We got off the bus
and I said to her,
“Thanks for the laugh.
I hope your eyes
get better!”
the three of us walked
into school.
Amanda said goodbye
and left.
“You alright, Mason?”
I asked when we got
to my locker.
He smiled. “Yeah. You’re
awesome, Anne.”
I hugged him. “Thanks.
You are too, bud.”
I don’t understand
the attitude
of some girls.
I have no idea
what goes through
their heads.

I have a headache.
It’s probably because
I didn’t eat dinner.
I learned about weevils
about a month ago,
and since then,
I’m having a hard time
eating anything
with flour.
Which is… everything.
I know it sounds stupid,
but I did NOT know
little wormy things
were crawling around
in my food.
I won’t eat cookie dough.

I’m done here.


  1. Anne it was so nice to see u again! You’ve changed so much since i last saw u!!! AHH!!!

  2. Anne i would like to congratulate you for sticking up for him!!! Its about time someone stuck up to those snotty girls. (parden my language) Some guys and girls are total SNOBS!!! THEY DRIVE ME NUTS!!! Anyways it was really nice of you to stick up for mason. I would have done something similar to what you did. Good Job and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
    Your friend,

  3. Hehehehe!
    Mason spoke the truth,
    you ARE amazing, Anne.
    Make sure to keep blogging once you leave.
    It will be much easierthan sending everyone seperate emails.
    Lots of love<3.

  4. you are such a great friend! i miss you

  5. I love Mason.
    I swear… girls like that drive me crazy.
    I mean why in the world would you say that to anyone?
    Good for you Anne.
    Nice to stick it to em.
    In the end, those girls will be no one important, they’ll lose their hot bodies and guess what, the nice girls who have always been there and ignored will still be there. Just like you Anne! 🙂

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