1. Staying up until 4 in the morning to make that Time Machine for Jaron. Wish I took a picture of it before I chucked it in his front yard and ran off. (January)
  2. The stake dances.
  3. Rock climbing for the first time. I was actually really good. Also, spending time with Kaleb. 
  4. Saying goodbye to Bryant. 
  5. Girls Camp – Tadja, Megan, Camille, Tasia, and Cozy.                     The secret lake, stealing underwear, and the testimony meeting of our own.
  6. The weekend with Emily. Climbing the garden roof, stealing tomatoes.
  7. Accutane. After all of the bloody noses, mood swings, and chapped lips, look how it paid off? My skin is luscious. 
  8. Herr Embley. He has changed my life. I never saw an application to Germany coming my way. I never thought I could major in German until now. How interesting one person can do to another’s life. 
  9. Tasia’s baptism.
  10. The distinct change.
  11. Ana.

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  1. And me moving.

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