I’ve been hanging out
with my cousin,
Ambryn, lately.
I’ve talked about her before,
but I absolutely adore her.
I love it that at one moment,
she can be a total dork
and be silly with me,
and at another
we can talk to each other
about anything.
The other day we had
a sleepover.
We stayed up late
watching movies
and in the morning,
we headed to
Jamba Juice.

For New Years Eve,
Ambryn came with me
to the New Years regional dance.
We both wore red dresses
and curly hair.
One of the dances,
Ambryn came to me and said,
“No one asked me to dance!”
I looked over and saw a guy
without a dance partner.
“Hey you! Ask her to dance!”
Ambryn started blushing
and she muttered,
“I hate you” under her breath.
I don’t know why I think
things like this are so funny.
I just think that if you’re
at a dance,
you dance.
No matter if it’s girls
or boys choice.
The guy looked at me
and said, “Dance with her?”
“Yeah, what are you doing
not asking someone to dance?
Ambryn here, has a
really low self-esteem today
and it would be nice
if she got asked,”
The whole time I was smiling
and being sarcastic,
but Ambryn still wanted
to hit me.
He laughed and said,
“I’ll dance with you next slow one!”
The dance ended and
and we were off.
The last three songs,
the guy I asked to dance
with Ambryn
(who I thought was rather
followed her around for
three songs in a row.
The rest of the time,
she hid behind Tasia
and made sure
he didn’t come back.
Uhh… Woops.
Ambryn didn’t think it
was so funny,
but I’m still sitting here

The rest of the night
was fun.
I danced with one
of my best friends,
It took him forever
to make up his mind
if he was going to go
or not,
but I’m glad he came.
Ambryn was getting
checked out
by everyone.
She tells me to shut it
every time I bring this up,
but it was true.

When we got home,
Ambryn, Harrison, and I
turned on Waitress
which is one of my
favorite movies.
I don’t know what started it,
but all of us started talking
like Nacho Libre
and we couldn’t stop.
At one part of the night
Ambryn was riding a scooter
around the kitchen.
She went round and round
and finally fell down
to the ground.
I laughed so hard
until I was on the ground crying
because my stomach hurt so bad.
Same with Ambryn.
For two minutes and
forty-five seconds
(Harrison counted)
we lay on the ground
holding out stomachs
and laughed
Why is everything funnier
at two o’ clock in the morning?

Sometime during the night,
Ambryn said, “Say a movie
and then add ‘in your pants’
at the end of it.”
We lay on the couch
and thought up movies
to add “in your pants”
Steel Magnolias… in your pants”
Legally Blonde… in your pants.”
The Notebook… in your pants.”
Then I saw a DvD case
next to the television.
What Lies Beneath
We busted out laughing.

Around five in the morning,
we got hungry.
My grandma gave
our family a Panini
for Christmas.
Grilled pickles sounded good,
so we heated up the Panini.
Then, Ambryn had
a wonderful idea to
grill a banana.
For some reason,
it didn’t work out
because right after
we put the banana in,
a thick black smoke
started puffing out of
the grill.
We looked up at the ceiling.
Smoke was filling up
the air.
Before, we were dancing
and laughing
and saying things probably
crackheads would say when
they’re on one,
but when we saw the smoke
next to the fire alarm,
we panicked.
“Turn the fan on!”
“Open the door!”
“Throw the grill outside!”
I grabbed the grill
and almost threw it
onto the back step.
Ambryn turned on the fans.
Harrison swung a blanket
and tried to get rid
of the smoke.
My mom came down
after all of this.
She smelled the smoke
and said,
“I hate teenagers.”

The rest of the night,
we calmed down.
We watched Nacho Libre
and finally conked out.
We didn’t wake up
until 2:00 this afternoon.

So that’s how it went.
What a wonderful
New Years.


  1. Wow. I could have called you at three in the morning and talked with you! Because you know, it’sonly midnight here. At three in the morning your time.

  2. I want to know if your ruined the panini machine.

  3. Haha, no, Grandma. I did not ruin it, but Mom was not pleased when she saw burnt crap stuck to the grill. I forgot to take it off… Oopsy.

  4. Wow. I should’ve called you at three in the morning. I wish I had a cousin around my age. I only have boys and they’re weird. One of my cousin’s cousins was hitting on me on Thanksgiving! He was really hot, but he thought I was eighteen! HA!

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