I was only in Newspaper
for thirty minutes.
The schedule
has been wacked
for the past two days,
so we only have
thirty minutes
in all eight periods
and ten minutes
in between.
I went to Newspaper
during sixth period.
When I got there,
a girl from my old
Seminary class yelled
my name.
“Come sit by me!” she said.
The person behind me
was big.
He had messy hair
that went to his shoulders.
Not only was he big,
but tall.
He looked like one
macho man.
“Hi,” he said, in a more
feminine voice,
“I’m Alex.”
We talked.
He was incredibly nice.
Then a girl, Amy,
came and talked to me.
Then this kid, Nate,
with spiked hair and
pink tips at the top.
Then Bryce, with
tight pants and Vans.
Then Jordan,
with basketball shorts.
All from different cliques.
The thing was,
I wasn’t the one
to say hi first.
I love meeting new people,
so I am usually the one
to introduce myself.
But I didn’t have to.
I felt wonderful.

My teacher is also
He loves the students
and makes sure
they know.
Nice, but strict.
“Amy!” he said.
“That picture you took
of Teresa sucked.
No offense. Next time
He’s honest,
and the students are
fine with it.
He’s not like my old
Chemistry teacher who just
hates us.
He wants good newspapers,
and is there for us
to improve.

Since the New Years Dance,
I’ve been getting a lot
of phone calls.
“Hello?” I said one time.
“Hey, you don’t know me.
This is Nathan.”
“Oh, hi Nathan! What’s up?”
“I was at the New Years dance
“Oh fun! Did we meet?” I was
getting excited.
He sounded hot.
“No… Not exactly.”
“I met your cousin…
and was wondering if
you had her number.”
“Sorry. She’s eh,
she has a boyfriend.”
Hang up.
I’ve gotten two other
phone calls
from random people
looking for Ambryn.
Yesterday in Drivers Ed,
I sat in front of Mike.
“Anne, when are you
gonna hook me up
with your cousin?”
“She’s not interested,
“C’mon, please?
Can’t you pull a few
strings for me?”
“She only dates tongans.”
“You’re freaking kidding me,”
Mike said.
“Plus, you’re from the
west side. She said she
can’t stand west side boys.
Whatever the heck
that means.”
He sighed.
Fifteen minutes later,
“So when will she be
coming over?”
“Mike! She’s not
“Fine. Fine.”

I’ve been hanging out
with my “soccer” group
of friends.
Dylan, Tyler, Jereme,
Loira, Ana, and me.
The guys have this
“unspoken” rule.
When we are in the car,
the guy’s girlfriend/crush
must sit
in the passenger seat
next to him,
even if the girl
doesn’t like him back.
It’s just the rule.
If the girl isn’t there,
Dylan sits in the
passenger seat.
Tyler told me
just the other day
that he liked me.
When the group
hung out Monday night,
Tyler drove us home
from the Megaplex.
As we were walking
to the car,
I said, “Are they going
to make me sit in the front?”
“Probably,” Ana said.
The girls slowed down
and watched what door
Dylan was going to.
He opened the back door
and sat down.
“Yup. You’re sitting
in the front.”
Loira couldn’t tell
if I wanted to sit in
the front, or not.
“Hey, I’m sitting in
the front!” she yelled.
Ana and I hopped
in the back.
I looked at the boys.
They were all mouthing
“What?” to each other.
Tyler looked at Loira
sitting next to him.
He looked confused
and disappointed.
Ana and I held back
our laughs.
I broke one of the
unspoken rules.
Monday night,
I slept over at Loira’s.
The guys were planning
to come over later,
but Tyler came early.
Ana, Loira and I were
making cookies.
“Anne, I got you something!”
Tyler held out a box
with a giant slice of
“You didn’t.”
He smiled, “Yes I did.”
I laughed and took
the cheesecake.
“Thanks, Tyler.
That’s very sweet.”
“No prob. Can I help?”
A couple minutes later,
Jereme and Dylan
walked in.
We helped Loira decorate
Zach’s house.
She asked him to
I sat in the passenger seat.

A couple hours ago,
Tyler drove me home
from Loira’s
along with the others.
When we got to my driveway,
I couldn’t find the unlock button.
At the corner of my eye,
Tyler looked like he
had opened his door.
I wondered if he was going
to open the door for me.
I looked at him
and found it was just
my imagination.
I walked to my garage
and opened the door.
Fifteen minutes later,
Ana called.
“I have a story for you,”
she said.
“Were you waiting for Tyler
to open the door for you?
Be honest, Anne!”
I laughed, “No!”
“When you left,
Jereme said, ‘YOU IDIOT’
to Tyler. Tyler
said, ‘What?’
Then Jereme said, ‘Anne
was waiting for you
to open her door!'”
I laughed. Hysterically.
Ana kept going, “Jereme said
‘You just missed a ton
of opportunities!
You could have given her
a hug, or walked her
to the garage door, you idiot.’
Tyler said, ‘Dude,
I don’t even know if
she likes me.’
Then Dylan said, ‘So?
Girls dig that stuff!’
You promise you
weren’t waiting for him,
“No, Ana! I wasn’t.”
“Would it have been weird
if he did?”
“No, it would’ve been fine.
It wouldn’t matter.”
“Do you like him?”
“I like everyone.”
“No, really. Do you?”
“I don’t know, Ana.”

So there.

Things are fun and new.
New groups of friends,
new classes,
new teachers,
new everything.
I’ve crawled out of the ditch.

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  1. Anne i am so proud of you.i don’t know why but i am!

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