Much to talk about.

Let’s go back to Friday.
Erich, Wes, Loira, and I
went to the basketball
Wes wanted me to
straighten his hair
Erich drove us
while we sang
“I’ve got soul, but I’m
not a soldier.”
We sang horribly.
Our school lost to
one of our big rival teams.
Loira and I
were screaming the
whole time.
I love high school games.
To scream and feel
like you somehow have
control over the players
and what they do.
You feel responsible
when they win or lose.

After the game,
Loira and I went to
my house.
We were still high
from the music pumping
in Erich’s car
and the cheering
at the game.
Loira turned on some
music in the
study room.
I turned on the lights.
It was dark outside
and the shudders were
We danced.

It was the most fun
I’ve had
in a long time.
We didn’t care that
the shudders were open.
I threw my arms in the air
and Loira moved
her hips.
“I’ve got soul, but I’m
not a soldier, Loira!”
We swung our hair
in front of our face
and air-guitared.
We leaped.
We spun.
All the sudden,
Loira gasped
and fell to the floor.
She put her hand
over her mouth
and pointed out the
I looked out.
Ryan’s car.
Ryan – Loira’s
“friend” cough cough.
They had been
watching us dance
for the passed ten

Much to talk about.
My family along with
went to Hires Big H
for my birthday dinner.
I didn’t feel very well
and spent half the time
in the bathroom.
Happy Birthday, Anne.
Grandma and Grandpa
gave me a great gift
and a card.
Thanks again, you two.
Happy day.

Monday was my birthday.
At five thirty my alarm
went off and immediately,
my parents came in.
They had breakfast
and a bouquet of roses.
They sang Happy Birthday
and my mom started
to cry.
I laughed as they sang.
I got nine texts from
different people
that morning.
When I got to school
and walked up the stairs to
my locker,
Conner and Will yelled,
“Happy Birthday!”
Ana and Loira were behind,
but were talking
and didn’t seem to hear
me come up.
I opened my locker,
then walked over to
And and Loira.
“Listen to what my parents
did this morning,” I said,
“At five thirty my mm…”
“Did you see Ryan yesterday?,”
Loira said to Ana.
“No, I didn’t why?”
“Never mind.”

I start again, “At five thirty,
my mah…”
“Wait why, Loira?” Ana interrupts.
Loira laughs,
“It’s nothing.”

“At five thirty this morning,
my mom…”
“Anne, look at this picture,”
Ana says.
Sigh. “Oh, that’s cool,” I said.
“So any way, what
were you saying?”
“This morning my mom…”
Loira looks at Ana
and mouths something.
Ana smiles.
Getting bugged…
“Never mind.”
“Okay,” Ana says.
They walked off.
Will and Conner
were watching me.
I wondered if they knew
how I felt.
I could feel tears
in my eyes.
I walked down the stairs
with Megan
and sat down at a
table in the cafeteria.

I was doing homework
when Loira and Ana
met me at the table.
“I have a story for you,”
Ana said.
I didn’t look up.
“So yesterday, Jereme
texted me and
guess what he said?”
I didn’t look up,
but mumbled, “Hmm?”
She didn’t say anything,
so I looked up.
“Anne, are you mad
at me?”
“Oh. Well that’s
She keeps telling me
the story.
When she was done,
I didn’t look up or
say anything.
I kept at my homework.
Yeah I know,
I’m being a drama queen,
but my two best friends
forgot my birthday,
ignored me,
interrupted me,
and now want me to
listen to their drama.
“Anne, why are you
mad at me?”
Because you forgot
my birthday and didn’t
listen to my story
and it’s my birthday
so you should have
been listening.
It’s my birthday,
you didn’t listen.
…Did I just say that
in my head?

I snorted.
Ana smiles and says,
“What? Why are you
“I’m arguing with you
in my head,
and it sounds pretty
stupid, so it
doesn’t matter.”
“I don’t care how
stupid it is.
Just tell me.”
I look up at Ana
and smile.
“I was trying to tell
you guys
what my parents did
for me this morning,
and you weren’t listening
and it’s my birthday
and I…”
Ana’s eyes went big.
Yeah, I knew what was
A big explosion of
‘sorry’s’ for the rest of
the day.
Ana never forgets birthdays.
Ana always has some
creative present,
or decorate’s their locker,
or something.
When it’s someone’s birthday,
Ana makes sure
it’s all about them.
But not today.
She forgot.
“Oh my gosh, I forgot.”
She covers her mouth.
I lay my head in on the table
and cover myself with
my hands.
I pretended I was laughing,
but really,
my body was shaking
cause I was about
to start crying.
I don’t know why it
hit me so hard.
The rest of the day,
Ana felt horrible.
She said sorry
and told everyone in the hall
that it was my birthday.

The thing was,
I wasn’t exactly sad
that Ana and Loira forgot,
it was because of who
Tasia and Megan,
who I haven’t hung out with
since the beginning of the year

But I don’t want to talk
about that.

Everyone sang to me
in fifth period.
Gym guy talked to me.

Ana rode my bus home
and we met up with
Loira, Tyler, and Erich.
We played baketball,
took pictures,
helped a friend
ask a girl to prom,
and later
I ate dinner with the fam.

The next day,
I got asked to prom.
The doorbell rang
when everyone was at
the table.
Harrison answers the door
and doesn’t say anything.
“Who is it?” I asked.
“I don’t really know…
Anne, you better come
see this,”
Harrison said.
I walked over to see
what Harrison was looking at.
A body was hanging
from the column
duct taped, so I could
only see two
oddly-curved feet
sticking out from
the bottom.
A gift bag with a big
question mark
was on top of
the head.
I knew it was Tyler
right when I saw
the feet.
I screamed.
There was something
about seeing a friend
hanging from
your house
covered in duct tape.
The motto could have been
“Go to prom with me,
or leave me here to die.”
I grabbed some scissors
and started cutting from
the bottom.
I could finally see
his finger tips.
“Tyler, are you okay?”
“Uhm, yeah… I’m okay.”
Finally he was unwrapped.
His shirt said, “Will you
go to prom with me?”
I gave him a hug, and said yes.

Wednesday was mutual,
but I didn’t go.
It was New Beginnings,
which is a program the
Young Women do
every year.
Once you’re a Laurel –
the 16-18 year old girls-
you don’t care much
for New Beginnings.
Is that bad?
My friend asked me
to go with him to his
They were asked to find a date
and invite them to mutual
for some activities.
I could get into the juicy details,
like how my good friend from church,
really likes this guy
and instead of saying yes
to him when he asked her,
she said “No, I need to go
to New Beginnings,”
or how HIS mutual
was placed in the room
right next door to my
New Beginnings,
but I won’t get into that.
Josh is a fun guy.
Overall, it was a fun date.

Since we didn’t have school
on Friday (because of
parent-teacher conferences),
Curtis slept over with Harrison.
My mom drove us
to Harmon’s to get a
We got the scariest
PG13 movie we could find
and a chick flick,
and headed home.
“I’m in the mood
to write poetry,”
Curt said during the
chick flick (Made of Honor).
When we started up
The Haunting of Molly
Harrison went upstairs
to sleep,
and Erich came over.
The movie was stupid.
The beginning had
nothing to do with
the movie,
and the ending
was horrible.
I could have written
a better scary movie.
We talked for a while,
then Erich left at 2 am.
Curtis and I talked
for another hour.
He told me about his life.
I loved listening to Curt,
even though it was sad.
I love when Curtis
comes over.
I love it that he
tell me things.
I told him I loved him
and good night
before we went silent.
I cried a little,
then fell asleep.

Friday was a fun night
because the soccer guys
hung out at my house
for the first time.
We watched only
a third of What Lies
, because
they thought it was lame.
My parents made us
pot stickers and
shrimp-fried rice.
I could tell the guys
liked my dad.
Loira and Ana slept over.
We stayed up
and talked to my dad,
then slept in my room.

Ryan left his car
in front of my house
the night before.
His car broke down.
Since Loira needed to
say YES to him for prom,
we decorated his car
the next day.
The three of us put on
boots, hoodies, and
pajamas pants
to go to Target.
We bought Oreos
to put on his windshields.
This is what we did
the rest of the day:

(We watched Ryan and his dad clean up the mess out of my bedroom window…)

Later that night,
Loira came with me
on a group date.
Erich and I went with
Miranda and Josh
to Chick Fil A’ and
the movie, Coraline.
Very fun group.

Now it’s Sunday.
Maxwell’s birthday.
We are taking turns playing
Mario Kart,
the video game
Max wanted.

Phew. Caught up.

Happy Birthday, Max.


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