I’m going to “Sweethearts,”
the Valentines Dance
for school.
I’m going with
my friend, David.
He is one of “the cousins”-
Tanner, Colter, David.
Tanner is in my ward
and lives right behind me.
He is on the football team,
and all the girls
have crushes on him.
His step cousins
are Colter and David.
(They aren’t brothers)
Colter is tall and skinny
with blondish brown
“emo”-cut hair.
He is the guy who plays
the guitar in the back
of the bus.
And David.
David is tall and
big built.
He has short brown hair
and bushy eyebrows.
Compared to
Colter and Tanner,
he looks like a gangster.
The prep-jock,
the music junky,
and the gangster.
I love the cousins.
I walk home with them
every day after school.
They are accepting and nice.
Last week,
Colter got asked to the dance.
Then Tanner told me
he got asked
by one of the cheerleaders.
I wasn’t going to go,
so when I asked David,
I just asked him.
No decorations on his lawn,
no witty sayings.
“I’d love to,” he said.
So there you go.
I’m going to the dance.
Grandma is lending me
forty dollars in quarters
so I can actually
pay for this date.
Heck yes.
After I asked David,
Tanner’s sister, Brooklyn,
called me.
“When you asked David,
Colter and Tanner
were just talking about you.
Tanner asked Colter
if he would go with you
if you asked and Colter
said, ‘Heck Yes!’
Tanner said he would
go too. Right after,
you asked DAVID,
who wasn’t saying anything!”
Laugh, laugh.
Apparently Tanner
is not going with the
cheerleader chick.
So I’m hooking him up
with Ana.
The dance is
a week and a half
before my birthday,
so my dad’s letting me go.

I’m excited and scared.
Should I wear heels?
I never wear heels,
I’m already 5’9″.
What color looks best on me?
Red, probably.
But I can’t wear my
red dress again…
I wore that to the last
stake dance.
How much eyeshadow
do I put on?
What color?
Glasses or no glasses?
Straight hair, natural curl,
or iron curls?
Old perfume or new?
What do I do
if I start my period?
Do I have to
paint my nails?
Will David like the group
we’re going with,
or will they think
they’re weird?
If Ana and Tanner
go together,
I’ll have to ditch the group
I’m going with…
Then will it be
just the two couples?
What will we do
before the dance?
What if a meatball
falls on my dress
during dinner?
What if I snort
when someone makes me laugh?
What if David gets bored?
What if my pervert grandpa
has to be the chauffeur?

Boy oh boy.

Breathe, breathe.
I can do this.
It will be fun.

“First Date” – Blink 182
is ringing in my ears.

Oh. P.S. I’ve decided
to keep a Date Journal.


  1. Anne, just be yourself, don’t worry if you should wear this or do that, just do what you want. Because if David doesn’t like you for who you really are, then he can just go screw himself.
    Love ya Anne!

  2. Your PERVERT GRANDPA? You should be so lucky to have your pervert grandfather be your chauffeur. I’d wear a black suit and chauffeur’s cap. I’d open the door for you. I wouldn’t say geeky things like “I love you.” I wouldn’t tell David that he’d better be nice or I’ll send the Mafia after him. I’d speak with a soft Cherman accent, “Gud efening, Miss Plummer.” I’d say to David, “Gud efening sir.” I wouldn’t say, “Keep your dirty hands off Anne, you creep.” I might think it, but I wouldn’t say it. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT YOU HAVE A PERVERT GRANDPA??????? I’m shocked. Just shocked.

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