I started my Date Book.
Just a one-dollar
composition notebook.
They are actually
my favorite.
Finding a design
on a notebook that
fits your personality
takes too much time
when you can just
make one your own.
Since I already wrote
in my Date Book,
I’m going to pretty much
copy what I said in there.
Talking about this date
all over again
sounds boring.

First date:
February 14th, 2009

David (One of the cousins)

Maraia & Colter (One of cousins),
Kalin (Maraia’s bro,) & Savannah,
Shaline & Tyler, David & me.
There were more, but Maraia
said they were, quote, “whores”,
so we didn’t go with them.
They didn’t seem mad about it,
so it ended up being okay.

No Daily Activities

Shaline’s family
was in charge.
When I heard dinner was
twenty-five dollars a couple,
I was very irritated.
That much to eat at
someone’s house?
I was thinking five to
ten bucks a couple.
But the dinner was not
some ordinary dinner.
It took place at this
community clubhouse.
The room looked beautiful.
The tablecloths,
the white rose petals,
the decorated menus,
I had seasoned chicken
with mashed potatoes.
David had shrimp for
an appetizer
and a steak.
They had a chocolate fountain
that everyone loved.
For dessert,
David and I had cheesecakes,
but I barely got to
eat mine since we were
taking pictures.

The Problem at Dinner:
The seating arrangement.
First of all,
I knew no one.
I intended to go with
Loira’s group,
but apparently Colter
had other plans.
When Maraia picked me up,
it was the first time
I met her.
The good thing
was that she was super easy
to talk to.
She was loud,
and I love loud people.
I told her how my uncle
dated her aunt
in high school.
She thought that was funny.
After ten minutes
of meeting,
we were teased and
laughed with one another.
I even called her a dork.
I knew that I needed
to sit next to her at dinner.
David was unrelaxed and
not as talkative
as the others.
The ideal seating chart:

:::::::|:::::::::-::::::::|::::::::::-::::::::|:::::: -::::::::|:::::::::
::::Shaline::-:::Savannah::-::::Maraia: -:::::::Me:::::::

Shaline’s date was shy,
but he was friends with Kalin.
Kalin is very talkative.
Savannah only knew Maraia,
so she needed
to be next to her.
David and I needed
to be next to people
we were comfortable with;
Colter and Maraia.
Instead, this is how it went:

:::::::|:::::::::::-:::::::::| :::::::::::-:::::::::|::::::::::::::-::::::::::::|::::::::::

… See the problem?
It was awkward.
Since Shaline was talkative,
it was okay… When she
actually looked to the left
and not to the right.
I don’t know what is wrong
with me.
I can be the most
anti-awkward person,
then be the complete opposite.
I prayed the whole.
Please, God, please.
I’m screwed. I am so screwed.
Help me, oh help me, please.

I wanted to leave.
The girls all went in the bathroom
and talked about our dates
(What a relief. I left the table.)
and we left soon after.

David wanted to bring
to the dance.
He asked two of the
target employees
where we could find them.
They both said
the Sporting Goods section.
No glowsticks.
We were only there for
five minutes
and Shaline was already
Colter and Maraia grabbed
a box of Monsters
(an energy drink) and left.
Everyone followed,
except David and me.
David was determined
to find glowsticks.
It wasn’t awkward anymore.
We didn’t have to
find a conversation,
like at dinner.
We laughed that we were
at Target in dressy clothes
and how everyone
was looking at us.
I found the glowsticks
in the party section.
David grabbed some
silly string.
When we got to the cashier,
she looked at the
glowsticks and silly string
and said, “What the heck
are you guys doing tonight?”
We laughed and I said,
“No comment.”

The dance:
There was a slow song
right when we walked in.
I put my left hand
on David’s shoulder
and held his right hand.
He changed positions
so my arms
were wrapped around
his neck,
and he was holding on
to my hips.
Since we had only
been there for a minute,
we didn’t have to talk much.
We looked at the people
and decorations.
I saw Jaron immediately
when I walked in.
I wanted to say hi,
but he was lost in the crowd
when David and I
were finished dancing.
I also saw Tyler.
Tyler left a giant-stuff dog
on top of a million Kit Kats,
and Twix’s
on my front porch
earlier that day.
Oh, and also heart-shaped
balloons. =)
The day before Valentines,
I made it clear to him
thta I just wanted to be friends.
He said he respected that.
Ana told me he bought
a bunch more than
what he gave me.
She told him not
to give it to me,
but he decided to give
some of it.

Maraia yelled, “Hey,
there’s Will!”
I looked over
and couldn’t see him.
When we went over
to say hi,
Maraia was standing
in front of me.
I was practically hopping
up and down
for Will to notice me.
He finally did,
raised his eyebrows,
and waved.
Pff. I’m an idiot.

David had fun at the dance.
He waved his glowsticks
and jumped up and down.
I did the same.
The guys
sprayed people with
silly string,
then ran away.
David was funny to watch.

I started thinking
more and more
during the slow songs.
Even if the guys
aren’t crushing on the girl,
they still want to go
just so they can smell you,
touch you,
and be close.

How sick, I thought.
I never want to go
to a dance again.

We went to Maraia
and Kalin’s house.
I didn’t get the whole,
“Bring extra clothes
to wear after the dance”
so I borrowed sweats and
a baggy T-shirt
from Maraia.
We watched Transformers.
I thought the movie
was lame.
We took the guys home
I got out of the car
and hugged David.
He said thank you
and that he had a blast.
I got home at 1:00 a.m.

Well… I don’t really know.
The whole set up was fun…

I don’t know.


  1. oh lucky girl!!! did you have such a good time?

  2. I loved it when Maraia picked me up. Everyone came out of the car to knock at my door. Then we got our dates and took pictures at David’s. His whole family was there and I could tell they were looking me up and down. I hope I made a good impression for his first date… I loved that part, I wanted to LEAVE at dinner, dance was fun then awkward, so really. Overall. It was an okay date.

  3. Well, I’m glad you broke loose from the whores. Wait until you want to crush and smell the guy!

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