“Go do Athlete of the Month
for me,” Trent said.
He does it on purpose.
Ordering me around,
and all.
He likes to see
how he can push my
I just shrug and do it.
I found out
Athlete of the Month
is really hard to write
when you don’t know
about sports.
The swim coach
was explaining to me
why “so and so”
should be
athlete of the month.
“She did great on
the 400 medley,
100 fly,
400 free…”
blah blah blah.
I stood there
writing down all that crap,
not knowing
what any of it meant.
I walked out of
the swim coach’s class
and tripped over
a wire.
The wire was connected
to a computer
and almost fell off the desk
when a mentally
handicapped kid
caught it.
He pointed at me
and shouted,
“What the hell
are you doing?!”
I hate being friends
with the sports editor.

Will got the highest score
out of all the classes
on Crump’s test.
Everyone who gets an A
gets their name written
on the board.
Will’s name hasn’t ever
been off of the board.
My name…
Well, let’s not talk about
my name.
I’ve decided that I will
beat Will on the next test.
I will beat Will.

How does he do it anyway?
When I go home,
I am exhausted from school.
I have a headache,
I’m hungry,
I’m tired.
How can you just…
keep going?

It’s 5:13 and this is
my homework schedule:
A day:
Seminary – 0
Driver’s Ed – Wksht
English – Read Ch. 1,2,3 of
A Separate Peace, fill out
vocab packet, edit essay
and send again,
Math – workbook

B day: (for weekend)
World Civ. – Finish packet,
read from book (20 pages
behind on schedule)
Newspaper – 0
Chemistry – Goals 1,2,3,4
from book, packet
Health – 0

Ok, prioritizing…

Read A Separate Peace and
fill out the vocab packet
Do Math homework
Driver’s Ed Worksheet
Send Essay


Read stupid World Civ. book
(2 pages=30 mins)
Read 6 pages tonight

Okay, I can do this.
This weekend,
I’ll get caught up.
Fifteen minutes until

So. I got first cuts for the
German Scholarship.
I have an interview with
someone over the phone
on the twenty-fifth.
They will be asking
mainly why I want to go
to Germany,
and what I will be doing there.
If they accept me after that,
I’ll be leaving
at the end of the summer.
I don’t know
what’s going to happen.
Making it this far
is already amazing.
The fact that I got
two people to write
letters of recommendation
for me is great.
If I don’t make it,
I’ll be sad for a bit.
But, there is always
something here
that I can do.
If I don’t make it,
I will be an editor for
the newspaper next year.
I’ll get out more
and take pictures.
I’ll date people
that I’ve been wanting
to date.
I will not be depressed.

… But I do hope I make it.


  1. I remember endless hours of homework. I didn’t know how anyone else was “done with all their homework”. I don’t think there’s such a thing…until you graduate anyways. (From college that is 🙂 Way to hang in there and endure to the end.

  2. I’ve never really had alot of homework, because I’m pretty much a special ed gal. But this weekend and next,homeworkfor Marine Biology, I have to find seaweed, 5 different types, squeeze them dry wih manymany layers of newspaper and then label them, their name, thir kingdom, blah blah blah. Then For my Senior project I have tomakea product, I’ve finally decided, I’m going to force the students to make thier artwork for me, and then I’llpost it up in random places like a bathroom, a grocery store, pizza hut, subway, the liabrary, etc. Then I have to make a powerpoint and present my project in front of a board of teachers, YIKES! Shucks, I hate presenting. Oh well.I do want to graduate, but you’ve got it harder, and I wish I could be there for you Anne.

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