I’m listening to Dota.
Check it out.
It’s the last song
on my playlist.
Curtis showed it to me.
It’s swedish,
so I can pull a little
German out of it.
It’s a happy song.
(Well… the beat is.)
I don’t exactly know
what “Dota” is.
It sounds like dope,
but I pretend it’s a game
like Candyland.
Happy game.
I love it.
It reminds me of Aqua,
the band I listened to
when I was little
with Emily.
Curtis thought it was
but it’s Swedish.

Speaking of German,
the interview went well.
The woman was cracking up
at some of the things I said.
We went off subject a lot
and started talking about
our personal lives
She talked for five minutes
of the forty-five
and told me what really
bugged her
about some of the
foreign exchange students.
She was funny.
The questions were hard,
but I was ready for them.
They were at
the tip of my tongue.
I got an email today.
I made the finals.
The email told me
everything I needed to do
before I go to Germany.
I have to fill out
I’m leaving.

I’m very excited.
This is it.
It’s my turn.

It hasn’t hit me yet.
You know, the whole
-living in a different country
for a year without
friends and family- thing.
So I try not to think
about it much.
I have five months.


  1. Hooray! Congrats Anne! I knew you would make the final cut. You are going to love it. My sister and I both did the same German exchange you are going on. I remember the stress of the different rounds of interviews and waiting periods. My sister did it her Junior year and I did it right after I graduated (so we were there at the same time – but in different cities). We both had mixed experiences, but I would still highly recommend it! Can’t wait to read your blog entries from Deutschland.

  2. I’m going to miss you. And before you leave, we’re going to watch Bend it like Beckham. That’s right, we’re going to watch it. I don’t want you to go so soon. I mean, you’re not a senior yet. But, we’re going to watch that movie.

  3. I went to Europe for a couple months once. It wasn’t an entire year but it was life changing.

    I am excited about your upcoming adventure!

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