My great aunt, Janie,
drove me to my friend’s house
earlier today.
“Let’s stop at that boy’s
house that you talk about
all the time,” she said.
I pointed to the street
where he lived
and she drove over.
“This is his house.”
She immediately
stopped the car.
“Oooo, cute house.”
“Janie! What are you doing?
Keep driving!”
I ducked.
I didn’t want anyone
to see me.
Janie started to giggle,
“What? They don’t know me.”
“Janie, keep driving! Can
you see anyone?”
“No, no I can’t. Wait, oh, oh!
Yes, someone is looking
out the window.”
“Aunt Janie! Is it him?”
“No, it’s not him.”
I was having a heart attack.
Janie was
laughing hysterically
and I wanted to
rip my hair out.
“Anne, what are you doing?
You don’t need to duck,
they don’t know whose
car this is.”
“Janie, he’ll see me!
Are they still looking?”
Giggle giggle giggle.

I can see her telling the story
to the family
when she got back.
How I was squealing
and what fun she had
torturing me.

Oh, Janie.

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  1. Haha! Sounds like you have a cool aunt! My Aunt Laurie would totally do that to me.

    I had so much fun with you, Zack, and Will the other day. It was a blast! I’m also really glad I stayed and talked to you after. I like talking to you, Anne. We always have deep discussions. It’s so fun!

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