Happy mood.
Maybe it’s because I have
no homework tonight
for the first time
since… Summer! Ha.
The new song
on my playlist,
“Kids” by MGMT
makes me want to
Maybe I’m happy
because it’s raining outside
and my room is clean.
Maybe because I
have no zits.

I miss old things.

Memories, feelings,
people, friends.
I miss ’em.
My mom’s side of the
is in Hawaii right now.
I miss the memories of
Jumping off the big rock
at Waimea Bay.
Sitting on the bench
in front of Aoki’s
and shooing off bees.
Hawaii is the only place
where Alex, my cousin,
and I click.
Hawaii is the only place
I don’t worry about my
stinky feet.
I love that place.

I was supposed to go to
a bonfire party
with my Seminary class
I feel like an outcast in
so I didn’t go.
Then Cameron (a guy
from Seminary) texted me.
Cam: Anne Louise!
Where are you? You said
you would come, missy!
Anne: Who is this?
Cam: It’s Cam. Come to
Anne: =/ I’m sorry.
I couldn’t find a ride.
Cam: K, Where do you live?
I’m comin to get you.
Anne: No no no! I live
way too far.
Cam: Anne Louise, next time
you CALL ME. I want you
to be here. We ALL want you
to be here. Call me next time
and I WILL come pick you up.
Anne: Okay. 🙂 Thanks.

Sniff. I felt pretty good
after that.

Tomorrow, I am hanging out
with Rosa and Farah.
Rosa is from Germany and
Farah is from Pakistan.
They are both good friends
from schools.
I love hearing about their
experiences here in America
and how different it is
from where they lived.
Both of them will be leaving
at the end of the school year
and I’m sad to say
good bye.
“When you get to Germany,
call me. I will come find you,”
Rosa said.

Thank goodness for friends.

Will said yes.
In the most awesome and
wonderful way you could
A vase with yellow flowers
was left at my doorstep.
Leaning against the house
was a Neil Young record.
I could not contain myself.
I turned into a little girl,
hopped up and down, and
A real life record.
A real life NEIL YOUNG record.
Inside the middle of the disk
said, “YES.”
I am excited for this dance.
You don’t have to dress up-
just t-shirts and jeans.
Will is about two inches
shorter than me,
so I’m glad I won’t be
wearing heels.

I love being happy.