Girl’s Pref is this Saturday.
Will is wearing everything
and I’m going as Cat Woman.
This was Will’s idea.
I have no idea what to wear
and all I can think about
is what his parents will say
when I walk to the doorstep
with slim, black tights on
and a fake tail hanging
from the back.
Ohhh… boy.

Zach, Will, Megan and I
went superhero shopping
all Monday afternoon.
Before we went,
Will gathered the leftovers
from Easter Sunday
and drove over to my house.
When I answered the door,
he said, “Got any parks
around here?”
Will had the lunch bag in the car
along with a blanket.
It was impressive he had
actually thought about a
I wouldn’t have.
We found a park close
to my house and
ate croissants, sun chips,
and chocolate pretzels.
We talked about whatever
we felt like.
An hour or so later,
we walked back to my house.

Megan said that Cat woman
is a skank, so we should
look in Victoria’s Secret
for my outfit.
I won’t tell you if we went
in or not.
Megan and Zach found
T-shirts at Hot Topic
and I found… some gloves.

Help me out.

It’s just a “T-Shirt” dance,
but my group is going all out.
I don’t know what
“going all out” means for Will.
He went to a neighborhood
Halloween Party a year ago
and wore a scarecrow bag
over his head the whole night.
I kept asking people who
the “scarecrow” kid was
and no one had any idea.
I don’t want to look underdressed
next to my date.
I better call up Will.

My blog is going down the toilet.
I don’t know what else to write.
I hate just talking about
my day.

This week,
I faced two group projects
that ended up with me staying up
past midnight.
But I don’t want to talk
about that.
You already know I hate
group projects.
I’ve written two articles
for this upcoming newspaper.
I’m proud of both of them.
Okay… now what to write?

Oh. Here’s something.
People are starting
to give me pins for my
Zach gave me one
that said, “Send Cigarettes
Packing,” with a cigarette pack
holding a backpack.
Ana gave me one last week
that said,
“I love democratic boys.”
It’s kind of funny.
People used to make fun of me
for wearing this barf-colored
hippy bag
and putting pins on it.
Everyone said it was
“Kinda retarded.”
Now, everyone has pins.
People wear them on their
shirts, put them on
their backpack,
or stick them on their jeans.
It makes me mad.
Why did I have to put up
with all the crap for
the first two months
and now everyone’s
doing it?
This happened to me
the first day of school.
I wore a scarf around my neck.
Landon said,
“Whoa, Anne. I’ve never seen
anyone do that before.
You look like a hippy.”
Then someone said,
“What the heck is that?
A scarf? That’s kind of lame.”
Pff. Look now!
Everyone’s wearing scarves.
It makes me angry.
I talked about this with
my friend Nicki.
She feels the same way.
People are scared
to have their own fashion.
They go with what’s in
the magazines
to look like everyone else.
They go around
and make fun of the people
who don’t look like
everyone else.
It drives me insane
and it happens all the time
with different people
and different things.



  1. I agree Anne. You do one thing, people diss it, and then you find out that they’re doing the same thing the next week. But here, on little ol’ Maui, people dress whatever way they flippin’ want and NO ONE judges. I love it. I dress the way I want to. Me, myself and I all agree to dress the way I want to, and most people like it, alot. I expireament with my clothes, tights with shorts, printed tights witha skirt, skarf on a hot day, ruffled sweater, converse with a dress,vintage dress with a broach, no one wears broaches, pearls, and peopl like it. If I dared to do that in Utah, people would most likely say that’s retarded, or stupid, just like what happened to you, but then they’d the same a week or month later. It’s lame what people do, critisize before they really see, the way people are so jugdmental. I’m with you Anne, you have my full support.

  2. You’re a trendsetter. Embrace it!

  3. Yep, you’re a trendsetter. And being a trendsetter frightens most people. So they copy what the trendsetters are doing. You’re on top of the world, Annie.

  4. I love your blog, Anne.

    Tell Will hello. We miss him here.

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