School’s over and I’m ending with bad grades. In Germany, I will be a 4.0 student. This is my goal. I know I’m smart and I know I can do it even in a different country.

Finally summer is here, but it doesn’t feel like it. I need a job, I need to get ready for Deutschland, I need to spend time with family. There is lots to do.

I have learned to be mean to boys! The phrase, “Leave me alone” has been a requirement in a lot of cases. Guys are creepy in high school. You can’t be nice all of the time. Some guys aren’t looking for friendship, just a girlfriend. And if you don’t want to be their girlfriend, they don’t want anything to do with you. Once you enter the dating age, the crazy people become desperate. And there’s a lot of them. It’s scary. I don’t like being mean, but this year, it was required. The good thing about it is that I have no guilt trip. So I’m doing the right thing… right? But do you know what’s scary? It’s even HARDER to get rid of them because of TEXTING. They know I’m ignoring them when I don’t text back. They know I have my phone on me at all times. It’s creepy.

The temple celebration is over. My partner, Chase, and I had so much fun. We became close friends and helped each other be positive, even when we weren’t in the mood to be. When the performance was over, we stood there hugging each other and jumping up and down and smiling and laughing and snorting. I was so happy. Good times.
Tasia, Megan, and I hung out this week. Twice. It’s been strange since we haven’t hung out in a while, but fun. Wednesday was the last day of school. I saw the two of them and Shelby in the halls and said hi. They were on their way out, so I invited myself. We stopped at my house to get money and headed out. Megan drove and I sat next to her. We put in some techno and rolled down the windows. While we were at a stoplight, all of us headbanged. When I looked out the window, the woman in the car next to us was staring. I smiled and waved. She was a big, black woman with a big, beautiful smile. She had a tattoo wrapped around her arm.
“Do you girls know where (—) is?” she said.
“Sorry, I don’t. I’ve never heard of the place,” I said back.
She rolled her eyes, “Well. I’m not from around here. As you can tell! I mean, how many black people are in Utah? HA!”
The girls and I laughed with her. I looked in the back of her car. A girl that looked about twelve was hiding her face from us. I remember that time. When I wasn’t a teenager yet, and everything my mom said was horribly embarrassing.
“Where are you from?” I asked.
“Texas. The Mormons let us in, but said we could only bring the three of us. We had to kill the other guy off.”
I laughed, “Well I’m glad you could make it here.” What a long stoplight.
“Why do they do that?”
“Who?” I asked.
“The Mormons. They’re just… all here.”
“Well. They started up here. That’s the only answer I’ve got.”
She nodded.
I decided to be funny. “You know. Mormonism is like poo. If you spread it around, it can do a lot of good. You know, it helps grow crops and flowers. But if it’s all… stuck together, it can get messy and stink.”
Her booming laugh rattled the cars. “I understand. Men are like that too!” she said, “Mormons. Men.”
“M & M!”
Laugh laugh laugh. Finally, the light turned green.
“Thanks, girlies. I already feel welcome!”
And off she was.

Looking back, I wish I would have told her I was Mormon before I made the joke. I wish she would have known. Oh well. What can I do now? Maxwell said I could try to find her. Ha. Not going to happen.

I have new music on my playlist. The latest song is something Tasia introduced to me while driving in the car. “Wannabe” and “I Wanna Talk About Me” are songs Ambryn and I listened to in Moab the other week. I told Ambryn about Will and how he pretends to be cocky and arrogant around me. She turned on “I Wanna Talk About Me” and said it was mine and Will’s song. Listen to it. The lyrics are funny.

Moab with Ambryn was super fun. If you have read my blog in the past, you know how much I love Amby. She is wonderful. We slept in the suburban and talked about loves, hates, and random things about the world. We rolled around in the mud with Harrison and shaved in the river. We hiked and sang Bohemian Rhapsody. We climbed rocks and yelled our names through the canyon. Love love love it.

Curtis gave me a night-ride on his scooter the other day. I couldn’t stop laughing when I realized I had to wrap my arms around his chest to stay on. How weird! Once we started, I forgot about the weirdness and closed my eyes. This is why I love summer. The smell, the sprinklers, and the warm wind.

Phew. Summer is here. Summer summer summer summer.

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  1. That’s a funny conversation with the woman from Texas. I think you played it just about right.

    Anne has a boyfriend.

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