1. Hey ANNE, Good Luck in Germany. I hope to hear from you at least a little bit, you are an awesome girl. Go out and have some fun. I will miss you and I hope you have a great year.
    -Mike Hall

  2. Anne,
    Let me just say, that reading random posts on your blog for the last hour, has been so entertaining. I mean that in a complimentary sort of way. The way you write your posts reminds me of a good novel about teenage life. I just want to read it over and over again. But at the same time, your writing is so much better than a novel because it’s real! And it’s about someone I know! You are such a good writer!! Anyway, have and AMAZING experience in Germany. Make tons of new friends, try new foods, see new places, and most importanly, have fun! 🙂
    <3/ Gaby S.
    P.S. See you in 9 months!!

  3. What a wise brother you have. I ditto everything he said, including the christmas present 🙂

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