The farewell party was wonderful. I wasn’t expecting to many people to show up, but practically all of the teens from the neighborhood were there, along with close ward members, extended family, and the young women. I have never felt so loved.

Austin, my boyfriend from two years ago, was even there! We were actually just fine together. In fact, the both of us made each other laugh a ton. At one point I asked him if he was hitting on me and he started to laugh. I can tell that I am much more comfortable with myself than I was two years ago. Good feeling.

Here are some things that I loved about the party:
1. Swing dancing with Tasia
2. Telling the naked torch dance story and all the girls laughing
3. Talking to Abbey & Teri
4. Hugging Jon
5. Talking to Chase & Garrett
6. Finding out that Janet and Mikelle read my blog
7. Hugging Wes
8. Laughing with Austin about the bread
9. Talking with Brooke and Jeff about prostitutes
10. Pretending to have a girl crush on Megan P.
11. Seeing Ana & Loira
12. Making fun of Brad
13. Getting the present from the young women
14. Seeing Andrea & Sis. Read at the party
15. Watching Curtis flirt
16. Katelyn (cute lil’ cousin) actually talking to me
17. Paul bringing up the “White Shorts” (see
15. Having the Paul and Vicki host.

I love Paul and Vicki. They are such wonderful people. There are so many good people in my ward. This is such a great place to live. I’ll miss the neighborhood.


  1. It was a great party for a terrific girl. I’ll miss you terribly.

  2. Aw, I’m glad you had a fun time Anne! It was a great party. I am so excited to hear all about your adventures in Germany!

  3. ANNE! You’re so dang beautiful, inside and out. You definitely ARE loved and I’m soo glad the Alder gave us an excuse to get together to show you 🙂

  4. I’m going to miss all of you! Thank you guys for all showing up at my farewell. I’ll keep reading your blogs throughout the year. Love you.

  5. Hey! There are a lot more people who read your blog!!! 😉 It was a great party, and you will be missed a ton, but I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!!! Keep us all posted…Jill Henricksen

  6. We’re all gonna miss you:)

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