I keep trying to write an introduction to my blog, but whatever. I just want to tell you what happened last Monday.

I met two German Mormons Monday morning.
They came to my house because Rosa knows them, and they would be the ones taking me to Hamburg this Saturday. Since Josa didn’t know them, she wanted to meet them beforehand. They came to the house on Monday.

When they came over, I was just getting out of the shower. I heard the doorbell then ran into my room and put on clothes. I came down the stairs with dripping hair seeping through my shirt. When I saw the two women standing in the kitchen, I noticed that Rosa’s friend and her mom were not sitting down. Josa would not have forgotten to invite them to sit down. The mom was standing up straight and proper. Her make up was overdone, her clothes were fancy, and her blonde hair was perfect. Jellena was the same. I wondered if they were going out to a nice restaurant afterwards.

I greeted both of them and started asking questions in German. The mother did not smile. Every time I asked a question to her daughter, the mother would immediately answer for her. I decided to give up talking to the girl, and start asking the mom questions.

“How many children do you have?”
“I have Jellena (the girl) and a son who is on his mission right now.”
“Ach so! Where is he?”
“England. He is in England.”
“Ahhh, England. I would love to go to England. How wonderful.”

The mother raised her eyes at me,“No. You don’t want to go to England.”
“No? Why not?”
“You don’t want to go.”
“What do you mean?”
“There are a lot of blacks. Hispanics. Asians.”

This caught me off guard. “I don’t understand…” I said.

“It’s just a bad place. With those kind of people.”

Huh. I didn’t feel so hot after that. My chest was burning. My stomach hurt. The woman looked at Josa. She looked her up and down and glared. Josa wore a long-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some old slippers. She stared at Josa’s slippers for a long time. The woman began asking Josa questions.

“Is Anne going to church every Sunday?”
“Are you letting her go?”
“Why haven’t you gone with her to church?”
“What religion are you?”
“I was Protestant before I was Mormon. You know you can switch churches.”
“How is Anne getting back home from Hamburg? She shouldn’t be riding the train alone. I hope you know that.”
“Anne and Rosa will come with us to church on Sunday. Anne needs to be going to church every Sunday.”
“We will probably pick Anne up on Friday, which means she’ll be staying the night with us.”

Ope! And here comes my favorite:
“We really didn’t have to meet up beforehand. Anne knows that she is safe with her own kind. Probably even safer.”

Josa and I watched them drive away. Once the door was shut and we were back in the kitchen, I yelled, “Who does she think she is?!” Josa’s eyes got big and she said, “You thought that too?!” I said, “Josa! That woman is krank in dem kopf (sick in the head)! She comes into your house, doesn’t smile, looks you up and down, and tells you to switch religions!”

Josa nodded. “She’s power hungry.”

“AND! She’s racist! And she thinks she’s better than everyone. She thinks good people are only Mormons. No, she thinks the only good people are WHITE Mormons!” I kept going. I talked about every little detail. I was furious. Then I got Josa going. Josa finally started yelling about how horrible she was. So both of us were yelling at each other in the kitchen about how horrible the woman was. Ann-Kathrin came downstairs to see what was going on. She was surprised to see that I was the one yelling.

After Josa and I had calmed down and were sitting at the kitchen table, I said, “You know what bugs me the most, Josa?”
“In Germany, there aren’t many Mormons. And the first one I meet here outside of church is rude. It makes me mad, because if someone had never met a Mormon before, and met her, they would think the Mormon church was crazy. And everyone already thinks the Mormon church is crazy. And some of the things she said go against what we believe. Josa, I haven’t been this mad in a long time. I know I shouldn’t be mad, but I am.” Josa listened. And understood. She told me what she thought. “There are people like that everywhere. In every country. Every religion. Most of the time, you can do nothing about it. Their minds are set on what they believe. They’ll never change.”

It’s just so different being a Mormon outside of Utah. And I knew it’d be different. I’m not stupid. It’s hard but then it’s not. The actual Mormon religion isn’t a burden. I feel that the things we are told not to do make it easier for me to live my life. But having to carry the stereotype of Mormonism everywhere I go… Yeah. That’s hard. Or when people bring up the stupid things Mormons have done in the past. Yeah. That’s hard. Or when people ask you questions and you don’t exactly know the answers… That’s also hard.

So. Anyway. Listen to this. Now, I’m not going to Hamburg. Rosa is sick. So I asked my host family if Micky could come. Yes, of course he could come. But he’s in Poland right now, so I can’t ask him. And he’d have to turn in a travel permit, which you’re supposed to fill out a week in advance. Money isn’t a problem. I’d pay for him in a heartbeat if he could come. But his host family might have plans already. Or he might be tired after Poland and won’t be in the mood to travel. Or he.. Or.. Or…

Ahhh! Wouldn’t that be awesome?! That would be so much fun! But ohh! How fun it would be! We could do so many things in a week! It makes me so happy to think about. What if he really came next week? I like that thought.

I’m meeting up with exchange students tomorrow for Köln. Still need to tell you about Tuesday and today, but that’s okay. Another time. I need to go to bed.


  1. nuts.

  2. Well Anne, you just met someone who would have been the perfect Nazi Frau. Too bad she was also a Mormon. She shows all of the prejudices that came up in Nazi ideology in the Third Reich. Three cheers for Josa and blessings on her head. And blessings on your head too.

  3. My gosh, I want to throttle the woman and I’ve never met her. What Schweinerei!

    I hope all your dreams come true and Mickey visits next week. Love you lots.

  4. Isn’t it crazy that those Nazi Frau’s stil exist? Don’t they know why people still make fun of German’s today because of their history? My host mother said those same things, even to other’s faces! This lady makes me furious too Anne. Don’t worry, we support you, and Josa, and everyone else. (Pretend I’m not white saying all this – it’ll mean more). Unfortunate that this lady is wearing the Mormon badge too. She’s gross. I agree with Louise.

  5. Just one more experience for your bucket of wisdom. Anne I’m so glad you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and can spread your Anne sunshine on the other side of the world…how that for random…it’s getting late.

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