When I get back to Utah, I will be taking online classes in the summer. Then I have one more year of High school. It will be busy. I’ll be making up classes from 11th grade and getting the rest of the credits needed to graduate.

Bluhh bluhh bluhh. Boring, boring. I’m sick of High School.

You know what I want to do? Learn Spanish. And French. And Italian. And Chinese. And Hindi. Then I’ll get a piano and guitar teacher. Harrison will teach me the drums. Then I’ll buy a new camera lens and tripod. Then I’ll learn to sew. Then I’ll learn all about birds. Like the Bird Man in Sugarhouse. Then I’ll plant flowers. Mom will teach me all the different kinds. Then I’ll grow a tree. A big tree with lots of branches. Then I’ll take history classes and learn politics all over again. I’ll read everything.

And eh… I might skip the whole cooking thing.

These will be my adventures. But I’m not done. Right out of High School, I will go somewhere. Where should I go?
I could go back to Europe. I could always go back to Europe.
Or I could stay in the states. How about New Jersey for a year. (What do you say, Dede?) How about Kansas. Mississippi. Kentucky. Minnesota.

Or California.

How about this? I’ll go visit Ben and Vijaya in Seattle. Then Vijaya will hook me up with her family in India. And I will go there. That’s the plan. After Germany, I’ll live in India.

And somewhere in here, I’ll go to college. In fact, college will be a whole other adventure of its own.

Well. I’m now on Facebook talking to my mother about college. So I better post this fast before I have an anxiety attack.


  1. Don’t forget that you need to learn how to drive. And Vijaya IS in India. And Kim and Ben. So dream away.

  2. Anne, anytime! NJ is calling you!
    You’re list is fabulous.

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