I took this picture of myself. Since I’m always the one with the camera, I have no pictures of me. And I don’t like asking people to take my picture. You know, rather not bother anyone and do it myself later.

I’m sitting underneath the bridge in Jülich.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I had three free hours during school. The students were taking the Spanish Klausur—A big and important test. These past two weeks in Mädchengymnasium have been nothing but drama and tears. Big test after big test after big test. Wahh Wahh Wahh.

Anyway, I had three free hours. Even though it was cold and raining outside, I walked out the school doors and headed to the city. AKA up the street.

Jülich is wonderful. I like to sit on a bench with Panciera’s ice cream and write. Panciera is not a German ice cream parlour, but… I admit that I go there to look at hot, german-speaking Italian guys. And I don’t see any problem with going to an Italian ice cream parlour to look at guys. Remember, I am living with all girls, and go to a MÄDCHENgymnasium. I so-o-o-o have the right.

On Wednesday, I sat at the Spielplatz and read the Book of Mormon. Then I wrote. Then I thought about my dreams. Then I looked at pictures.

When I came back to school, the girls in my class were asking where I went. “Anne, we didn’t have to take the Spanish Klausur either,” a couple of the girls said, “You could have hung out with us!”

I knew those girls didn’t have to take the Spanish test. I knew I could have hung out with them. But sometimes I like being alone. I like thinking, writing, and watching. I like being silent and unnoticed.

So there. Another snippet.


  1. First off, those aren’t just any white shoes. Those are cool white shoes. Bravo Herbert. And I’m glad you find moments to be alone. It’s a family theme, play hard, then meditate and get lost in your head hard. Missing you like crazy.

  2. Yes, Erica’s right. It is a family theme. Sometimes I like to sit alone and do nothing at all. And I don’t like always having people in my face. You’re constantly in our thoughts and prayers, Anne. We know this is a difficult time–and a great time.

  3. Solitude is soul food. I love the picture. Today, we had true October weather: cloudy, cold–a hint of what’s to come.

    Carry on, Gorgeous.

    P.S. There’s nothing the Italians do better than ice cream!

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