Monday –

Hung out with Lara, Laura, and Christina in Erdkunde (Geography) today. I was writing a list of German words for hobbies, or things to do. “Schlittschuhlaufen” (Ice skating), “Schneeboard fahren,” etc. etc. This list turned into things that the four of us could do together.

Diskos [Dances]
Kinos → “Cinetower” Alsdorf [Cinema]
Lernen Gruppe [Study Group]
Chinesiche Mauer [Chinese place in Jülich]
Amerikanische Date [A group date. American style. Yuss.]
DVD abends [Movie nights]
Weihnachtmarkt in Aachen [market in Aachen]
Andreasmarkt in Linnich [market in Linich]
Billige fluge [cheap flights around Deutschland. I mentioned Paris.]

Lara got super excited about going to Paris. So! We went and told Trixi, our friend who always goes to Paris. She immediately called one of her French friends and asked him if we could stay with him for a weekend. He said yes.

A weekend in Paris is in my future.

During my two-hour break, Trixi and I went around town. She told me that she and her mom want me to come with them to Italy next year. During fall break. I said I’d love to. Now I’m saving up for a flight from America to Italy.

Two weeks in Italy are in my future.

I really want to trust Trixi. I know that she’s a person who makes things happen. She has tons of friends in Paris because she went to Paris. Not because her parents took her to Paris. That’s how she is. But it’s still hard for me to be excited about these things. About Paris and Italy. I don’t like putting my heart into something just to be disappointed or heartbroken in the end. I’ve always been cautious that way.

But I’ll keep saying it. Paris and Italy are in my future.

On Monday, I got in a fight with Ann-Kathrin’s boyfriend over German grammar. He said that it is always “hinter MIR.” I said it can be “hinter MICH” or “hinter MIR” depending on how you use it. [“hinter mich/mir” means “behind me.”] I told him that the prepositions an, auf, hinter, in, neben, über, unter, vor, and zwischen are used in accusative and dative, depending on the MOVEMENT in the sentence. These prepositions are called “Two Way Prepositions.” For example, if you say, “She stands behind me” then it’d be “Sie steht hinter MIR.” But! If you want to say “She GOES behind me” (Movement! Movement!), then it’s “Sie geht hinter MICH.” I even sang the song Herr Embley taught us when we were learning the Two-way Prepositions in America.

I was right. I beat the German. Yuss.

Tuesday –

Lissa (other exchange student) and I are meeting up next Tuesday after school. I’ll take the bus to Aachen, or she’ll take the bus up to Jülich. Who knows. We’ll figure that out later. I’m just happy to see her.

Lara is super excited about the American date. I told her that we’ll totally do it, but I don’t know any guys to take. I only know four guys. Lenny, Bus boy, Bjorn, and Luka. Lenny lives too far away. Bjorn is Ann-Kathrin’s friend and has a crush on Ann-Kathrin, so that’d be weird. Bus Boy… maybe, if I could remember his name. And Luka, no. He lives across the street and drives me insane. But I’ll find a guy to ask, so I can do this American date. It’d be fun.

Josa is leaving tonight and won’t be back until Saturday night.

German German German. It’s getting better every day.

The week has started off well. No, I haven’t been studying, but I talk German all the time. I got in trouble in one of my classes for talking too much. How awesome is that?!

I’m also trying to distract myself from getting sad. I told my family that I can only talk to them once a month. And there are other people I’m not talking to anymore. So. I’ve got to keep my days full of energy!

And I’ll only be blogging once/twice a month. Well yeah. Maybe more.

We’ll see!

By the way: Hanging out with Lara was so much fun. Lara speaks really fast, but I got the jist of everything she was saying. I talked a lot too.

The horses are beautiful.


  1. Italy and Paris are in your future.


  2. There aren’t any stirrups on that horse. And is that just a blanket over his back not an actual saddle? Can you ride like that?

    I’d have to fall off first thing. I’d be obligated to. There’s no way that would work for me.

  3. I think thats awesome that you r getting so much better at german. That’s awesome. I’ve been having a good time too. It was my bday on friday and I got an iPod touch. I’m having a blast with it. I also didn’t make the basketball team but I’m not mad about it cause all the juniors got cut. It’s not a good situation. Bingham football played in the semifinals and beat Alta so they play in state next friday against Davis. Were definitely going to win. 🙂 just thought I would keep u updated. love ya tons!

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