Sunday, November 15th: Guess what? Church. I went to church. And guess what? Sacrament meeting is quiet in Germany! There aren’t any babies screaming or toddlers running to the bathroom every five minutes! Not that it’s better that way. I’m just saying. Sacrament meeting is quieter. The Primary consists of six kids. I told the Elders Quorum President that I’d like home teachers. So. Hopefully that will work out. It’d be nice for me.

At nighttime, Hiltruid and Carl-Heinz drove us to the Indemann. A giant robot tower… thingie. Not gonna lie, it was freaking awesome. Ann-Kathrin and Hiltruid stayed in the car while Sophie, Carl-Heinz, and I went to the top of THE INDEMANN. Wuh-chah!

Monday, November 16th: Sad sad sad sad sad. Sad mood.

Tuesday, November 17th: Lissa and I met up in Aldenhoven, then took the next bus to Jülich. We ate greek food, shopped around, talked talked talked, and rode in a van back to Aldenhoven. Love Lissa.

Wednesday, November 18th: Talked to Bria, another girl from CBYX. The first time I had a real conversation with Bria. She goes to the same school as me. I felt really happy after talking to her. I felt like I already had a close connection with her.

Thursday, November 19th: Happy Birthday, Josa. Supermom.

Friday, November 20th: I yelled at the girls in my class and told them how disgusting they were for leaving their tissues all over the floor and never cleaning up after themselves. See, now I can get angry in German! It’s coming along.

After school, Josa drove me to Baesweiler (10 mins away) where I met up with Petra, a girl from church. We took the bus to Aachen and walked to the ice skating rink. It closes at 5:30 on Fridays. What the? Then our Young Women leaders came and took us to Burger King. Ha. At nine, Petra and I took the bus back. Petra is really outgoing and open. Also, she’s speaks really clear and I can understand everything she says. We talked about her family in Africa, and her dad who’s at a University in England. She said her family doesn’t know if they’ll move to England, or wait for her dad to come back. He’s been gone for four years now.

Saturday, November 21st: I woke up early and went with Oma and Uncle Willy to the Holland Market. Yay! First time in the Netherlands. Later that day, we went to the Mönchen Gladbach Weihnachtsmarkt. I bought a Nutella Crepe. I also bought a good pair of Winter boots. Ann-Kathrin thinks they’re hässlich. Then Sophie called my America family. She talked to Maxwell and Mira for an hour. Loved it.

Today, November 22nd: I reread Kristin’s letter to me. Kristin, my teacher in the Hedersleben monastery. She told me to look up the song “Aurelie” by Wir Sind Helden. She said it always reminds her of me. It’s about a foreigner in Germany, and about being oblivious to love.

Lazy day. And planning. Lots going on this week. I’m busy. I have a life. Yesss.


  1. So excited about all your to-doings. And really you made it to church. Can’t wait to talk to you.

  2. …glad…

  3. YAY Anne!!!!!

  4. Ach Anne! Ich liebe dich!

  5. You forgot to mention your phone call to Curt. He told me about it today and was super excited! You are a great friend, Anne.
    And I’m thrilled for you that you’re able to have this amazing experience. I pretend that I’m there and not sitting here in my snuggie. I also pretend that I’m 17 and not 31. I feel old today. blah blah blah.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Day, Anne. Hope it’s a good day for you. I miss you terribly.

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